Modern reproduction of the Morgan Bible?

Ok y’all, I just found my favorite picture bible, though it’s a few hundred years old.

It would make me look hard core/high status at any church.

But the original is too delicate.

Is there some place where one can buy a reproduction of the Morgan (aka Maciejowski) bible?

Well, if it’s all online, you could make one yourself, or hire a print shop to run one off and bind it for you.

Contact the Morgan Library- they have a gift shop; maybe they sell reproductions…

Yes, there are modern ( 1970s ) reprints by Braziller, but it’s not bound as a sunday-go-to-church bible. I doubt if the French took it into chapel much, though something to pass the time during sermons…

One being sold by some chap at a couple of years back for about $70.
*Up for sale is a copy of Old Testament Miniatures, a facsimile of the famed Maciejowski Bible. This is one of the wonderful period art facsimiles put out by the publisher George Braziller. It is a huge book (16 x 12 x 1.3 or so) and shows the work in its entirety and at full size with commentary by Sir Sydney Cockerell. It includes the leaves in the Pierpont Morgan library plus the separated leaves in the Bibliotheque Nationale in France and from the Getty in Los Angeles. *

*This book doesn’t say when it was printed, but I’d guess late 60s/early 70s when so many of these Braziller works were published. This copy is in pretty good shape, especially given its age and size. The book itself is clean and unmarked and the binding looks great for such a large and heavy book. The dust jacket has small tears around the edges plus the larger one visible on the back cover. *

He seemed to be selling it very cheaply.

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