Throwing a monkey wrench into the MacHinery

This is more of an MPSIMS, but it deals with “literature.”

When I was in high school a quarter century ago, a classmate lent me a book of his called “Sir MacHinery” (or “Sir Machinery”) by a chap named McGowan.

I seem to recall it as having been written for a younger audience, but found it enhoyable all the same.

A quarter century later. . .

I thought this would be a good book for my growing number of nieces and nephews, and sought a copy. Alas, it is long out of print.

But that was not the discouraging part. . .

I took a quick look at Ebay, and one had shown up there in the past month or so–selling for about $100!


So I checked out some used book search engines (Bibliofind, Advanced Book Exchange, etc.)–The Ebay price was a bargain in comparison!

Makes me wish I had purchased a dozen or so copies back then–even though I would not have had the money for even one.

Well, the one listing I saw was for a 1st edition hardback at $224. Maybe you can find a paperback somewhere. I did see a listing that it has been turned into a screenplay, so there could be a reprint coming out, if a movie is actually made.