Modern Warfare 2 Xbox control layout

I would really love to get MW2 as it looks like an awesome game but as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the fact that I have weak hands due to Muscular Dystrophy might pose some difficulties for me.

I discovered while playing COD: World at War that you had to hold down the left thumbstick while looking down your sights to steady your shot. This was an important part of one particular level (Soviet sniper hiding in a fountain) where you had to be very precise with your shots. It was almost impossible for me to hold one button to look down the scope, hold the left thumbstick down to steady my aim and press the right trigger to take the shot all at the same time. It made what was a fun game maddeningly frustrating for me.

I have trouble with any game that requires you to press the thumbsticks to perform some critical action, so I’m asking you, my fellow Dopers, do the thumbstick buttons play a large role in MW2?

The control scheme is almost exactly the same as COD 4:Modern Warfare - you still have to hold down the left thumbstick to steady a sniper shot and the right thumbstick needs to be pressed to melee. That said I don’t think there is a level where you have to hold down for a long time with no other possible way to progress like that, but there are definitely some levels where the sniper figures prominently and it would be difficult to progress on any but the easiest difficulty level without doing it some times. In multiplayer you could always stick with non-sniper weapons and use the Sights or the ACOG scope, which don’t require you to steady your shot.