Modifying a web page's URL to return X number of query results?

This is probably an idiotic question, but I’ve never let that stop me before, so here goes:

Suppose you go to a website that has a query function, and when you enter your query parameters, the site returns a certain number of results, using ASP. Suppose the number of query results is large, but the site only wants to show you 50 at a time. Now, for the sake of convenience, you might like to see all the results at once. Is there some modification to the ASP parameters in the URL that you can do to override the default of 50?

That depends on how the particular code for that web page is written. If you see something in the URL like numresults=50, go ahead and change it and see what happens. You might get lucky.

Even if the number returned per-page is a query-string parameter, the programmer may or may not have defended against such shenanigans by only allowing one of a certain pre-determined list of values.

There are a number of reasons that they might want to limit your results in one page view, and if that’s the case then chances are you won’t be able to override the maximum amount allowed. Of course there are a lot of crappy developers out there who don’t think about people changing url parameters, so it’s worth a shot to try friedo’s method.

Thanks, friedo. When I get a chance I’ll try it out.