Is there a way to change the number of search results per page?

I’ve done my best to go through the settings under “User CP” but can’t find anything. Search results, such as clicking on “New Posts” are limited to 25 posts per page, which can be very annoying.


Well you went and asked for anyone.

Yes, I think there’d be a way, just not where you can get at it.

An Admin could change the global setting in the Admin CP. Or they could in v.3.6. at least.

But then everyone gets the new number of results per page.

Whether this would add more wonkiness to the already wobbly search function, no idea.

You could bribe a mod to see if they might look for a way to just increase your setting, but AFAIK there’s only the global setting.

I could be wrong. Often is.

Good luck…to whoever you are.

And, here’s a link about the search settings Admins have access to:

Vbulletin user guide - search options

Go to USER CP That’s a hyperlink in the blue band on top of every Straight Dope Message Board page.

Then click on EDIT OPTIONS in the list on the left hand side.


There is a drop down menu and you can choose from 5 posts per page to 200 posts per page.

Choose the number you want from that drop down menu.

Click the SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom of the page.

No, Tuba. Not the number of results per page you get in a Forum. The number of results per page you get when you do a search. That is 25 no matter what your main default is.

The link in Snerky Snerk’s post indicates that this number is adjustable.

More would be better.

Whoa, now I’m seeing 100 results per page, up from 25. Cool. Is it just me? I wonder if they are just testing, or if it will be permanent?

I just noticed 100 results per page also. I clicked >quick links>todays post and saw the 100 per page for the first time.

Me, too. I love it!