Mods/Admins: What happened to our wiz kid, Limping Karpathian?

or should I say naihtapraK gnipmiL?:smiley:

onnud I.

aviDabuT elbmuh ruoy

Thanks Dig: Doesn’t tell me what happened to him/her and his/her post, but it’s a start.

After all, if one of the admins ‘dunno’, I wouldn’t expect you to either…


your humble TubaDiva

Well, as for “fool[ing]him alone”, I’m not 100% sure it worked…

What puzzled me somewhat was that the OP itself had disappeared from viewing (along with its originator).

Re: Your…difference of opinions with our august administrator, I’ll leave to the both of you to sort out.

I was about to add that if the ‘feud’ pertained to practices which would ultimately compromise the functionning of this message board, I was 100% behind the powers that be, in whatever action they chose to take…

but it would seem that the poster to whom my message was directed is no longer with us either.

Oh well…

Man…I hadn’t even realised that Dig had done his disappearing act too. LOL. Posters are dropping like flies in this thread…

If no one hears from me again, you’ll know who the putative assassin is!!! :smiley:

We do sometimes have serial sockdom.

Please don’t give them more attention, which is what threads like this do.

your humble TubaDiva