Mold in my Sour Cream- A Health Food Thread

Got a big ol’ Rib-Eye on the grill, and a potato in the microwave. I drop a few slices of butter off the stick on the potato, and grab the sour cream tub.

I open it up, and Damn! A little spot of mold growing up on the rim!

A baked potato without butter, bacon bits and sour cream is an abomination! I think that is in The Bible, look it up. Book of Larry or something.

So, I go for the part that’s not moldy, and them come up with the ultimate solution!

I grab the Crumbled Blue Cheese container and dump a handful on the potato. Mold? Got that covered!

Had a couple of beers (with Clamato and Tequila) to round out the meal.

Gatopescado, the Gourmand.

Way to think on yer feet! and making me hungry. Even though I just inhaled a burrito.

Dang, how old was that sour cream?? I’ve used it at least a month past expiry before, but haven’t seen mold.

Nice save with the bleu cheese.

She said she was Eighteen!

Oh, wait. Standard answer to a different question. I tend to just blurt it out, sometimes in my sleep.

Yah know, the potato had some kind of endometriosis going on, too. Eh, I scarfed it all down.

I Call Bullshit!

I got curious, and fished the lid out of the trash…

Best Before Feb. 17, 2016

Goddammit! :mad: How the fuck did they know? :smiley:

That sour cream…it…it was made INSIDE THE HOUSE! Get out quick!

It’s been neutralized. I feed it to The Killer Elite.

So you changed one dairy prodect with mold for another dairy product with mold. Brilliant!

The reason you get it on the lid is that when the residue dries out and the acid no longer protects it then mould can form.

Doesn’t bother me too much, the wet stuff has already gone “bad” so I just avoid the mould and go for the rest. Not dead…yet

“It just so happens that your sour cream here is only MOSTLY dead. There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. With all dead, well, with all dead there’s usually only one thing you can do.” -Miracle Whip Max

Mold doesn’t bother me much, unless it gets deep into the food. Otherwise I just scrape it off and eat the good stuff below.

That only works with hard dairy products or hard preserved meats. With soft dairy, lunch meats or bread the mycelium is spread everywhere but the threads are so tiny you don’t visually see them. scroll to the bottom to see a table with advice on whether to scrape off or discard.

You misunderstand! I heaped that sour cream on that potato, then, split those Aces and doubled the bet with the Bleu Cheese!

Go Big or Go Home!

He doubled down on mold.

Looks like he won the hand too. :smiley:

At least he didn’t bite the hand that feeds him.

If you store your sour cream upside down in the refrigerator, it never gets moldy.

How could it, being in a pool at the bottom of the fridge? The lids on most tubs of sour cream look none too trustworthy… :slight_smile: