Mold, urk!

I had a piece of rye toast for breakfast yesterday morning. I am not anywhere near my theoretical best in the morning.

Yesterday evening, when I got home, I noticed that one side of the loaf of rye bread was covered in blue mold. Urk! I ate that!

(Urk is a fairly good transliteration of the sound I made when I found the mold on the bread)

Please tell me someone else has done something like this and survived.

Ever eat blue cheese?

I feel better now. I do eat blue cheese, but I did not know the mold in it came from rye bread.

I still want to hear some other people’s gross mold stories!

If you didn’t notice any ill effects between morning and evening, I’d wager you’re in the clear.

FWIW, I grew up eating food that was on the edge of going bad–Mom bought everything from the throwaway counter, and she thought a banana wasn’t good until it was black–and all four of us kids survived. In fact, we are all pretty much immune to disease. Mom and Dad are still OK in their 80s too, thanks for asking.

Black bananas are merely over ripe-perfect for banana bread.

Very likely your bread mold was the penicillin producing type, and thus maybe did you some good.

OTOH, it might have been the ergot producing type, not so hot…