Mole II returns tonight

First two (aired) episodes, back-to-back starting at 8 PM Eastern on ABC. Next Tuesday: third (aired) episode at 8, followed by the first unaired episode at 9. After that, it moves to Tuesdays at 9.

I just hope they’ve re-edited it to get rid of all that Survivor-like bitching crap they injected into the second season. More cool cames! More silly games! More Mole! :slight_smile:

Official Mole II web site.

Molesters! :wink: On your marks! :smiley:

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I watched the first one and really liked it. I was looking forward to the second but by the time I got a chance to see it, they had taken it off the air.

I’m happy to have the chance to see it again.

It was just a rerun of the ones they already showed before. grrrrr!

You didn’t miss anything.

That I knew, and the first hour of next Tuesday will be a repeat of the previously-aired third episode. I just wanted to see if they had re-edited it. Apparently not. SUCK.

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Oh joy. Another chance to watch the world’s most annoying woman whine incessantly about her little cow and how EVERYONE knows that she doesn’t go anywhere without it.

She is Le Mole.

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Meadow Muffin… :smiley:

It’s very possible…

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Yup, I think Katie is the mole.

And while I have a crush on Rob (the guy with the spiky bleached-blond hair and cute baby-face), he really has let himself go since they yanked the show in October…

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Wow he really looks like crap !

I was kind of thinking the Admiral was the Mole.

What’s up with the picture of Anderson on the official site? He looks like he just sucked on a lemon! He’s pretty attractive, and I don’t know why he’s using that pursed-lips face.

Nope. I think she’s too stupid to be The Mole. And I hope by the end of the summer Meadow Muffin has been shredded by the Real Mole.

I, for one, am quite happy to see it back. Even though I run a reality TV website, I missed the first three episodes when they first aired! (That was one problem – ABC put it on a lousy night and then complained about the ratings.)

And I don’t think there is any way Katie is the Mole. Bill, maybe.

David B

I see that you run a reality show website, did you watch “Under One Roof” until it was yanked?

IMHO the producers are certaintly trying to make you think that Katie is possibly the mole. I only caught a few episodes of Mole 1, did they slant it towards anyone in particular in the first few episodes? It seems to me that other contestants are still in the backround of the competition.

There is some interesting discussion (to the degree that you find this interesting) on the Offical Mole 2 message board (see link in OP). Everyone is trying to substantiate their claim to their Mole. They are getting a little too involved in the clues and I didn’t realize, from only seeing a few episodes of Mole 1, how much of the little things can be big clues. I was trying to read more into the personalities and actions of the contestants than looking to see who’s bag was on the top of a pile. I guess I’ll have to pay more attention.

Funny thing about Meadow Muffin: Apparently it is a term synonymous with Cow Pie. Which just happens to be…Bull S**t. Coincidence?

I am going to go with Katie for now but I won’t be the least dissapointed if she is executed by the real Mole. She is annoying!

On Mole I, they hid all sorts of clues as to the Mole’s identity in the shows, but the clues were so damn obscure they made sense only when pointed out. The real clues (Kathryn always got the hotel room nearest the front desk, etc) were never revealed.

Yes, I loved the clue that mole has four letters in it, and Kathryn was the fourth contestant who showed up in the beginning of the entire contest. That was a forehead smacker! :rolleyes:

Anyone know why they didn’t show all of this Mole 2 before?

Wasn’t there one where they showed everyone’s bag being unloaded, but the only one that you couldn’t read the name on was Kathryn’s? So blindingly obvious.


The thing that sucks though is that unless they show all the episodes, the winner doen’t get paid.

Simple. Nobody watched it then. It was hidden away on Friday nights when nobody watches anything except NBC stuff. And it premiered soon after the whole September 11 thing. The thinking is: “America was not ready for lying, cheating and stealing.” Well, we’re ready now, I guess. Or maybe nothing could get worse about the ABC schedule, so might as well burn off these dusty old episodes that have been sitting around on a shelf!