Molecular Phylogeny of Living Primates

A fairly understandable, if informationally dense examination of evolution in primates.

Can’t say I expect a rapid retreat among evolution deniers.

But, for the sake of debate:

Why would there be such complex relationships among widely diverse, and widely separated species if they were not all the surviving descendents of successively smaller numbers of ancestral species?

Oh, and to be fair, these researchers were not trying to prove evolution happened. They were trying to find out exactly where, when and how it happened. By doing that, they hope to help others learn how to predict zoonosis, and metabolic disease prevalence in modern species, including H. Sapiens. (among other things)

Every time I learn more, I understand that I know so little.


It just shows how clever a designer God is. Just like the way He made the laws of physics and the various physical constants just perfect for this universe to exist. Just look at the periodic table of the elements. Same thing.

I don’t think this data is going to convince anyone. It’s really nothing that hasn’t existed for decades-- maybe just a little more data rich, but nothing truly novel.

To be honest, my main thought was that that’s probably the paragraph with the most “long words” of any paragraph I’ve ever seen that wasn’t written as a joke.

And of course that is its own reason why this won’t make a dent.

Most evolution deniers wouldn’t be able to get past the first three words in the abstract.

Firstly, this isn’t new information. It sounds like they’ve added to and significantly fleshed out some details, but the general conclusions have been around, and well supported, for a long time now.

Secondly, in my own personal experience, I have yet to meet a creationist who was well-enough versed in actual biology to be able to read, let alone understand, something like this. It’s only the very rare specimen who can argue beyond “why are there still monkeys?” or parroting various creationist websites.