Mollie Sugden dead

Sez the Beeb

Who’s going to watch her pussy now?

…she was still alive? I had assumed she had passed long ago. But she was 86 so I guess that makes sense.



And I am unanimous in that.
Bad, bad day for the great 20th century character actors.

Everyone keeps croaking. We should start an obituary forum…

Just heard this myself.

I think the only one left alive is Captain Peacock.
I’m sure he knows how to look after a late pussy.

Link for people who haven’t visited Grace Brothers

You can read about who’s still alive here, here, here, and here

Aw, no. :frowning:

Apparently, Mollie liked driving fast cars. When in her seventies, she was persuaded to trade in her Porsche after being pulled in for doing 92 mph.

Also, she claimed to receive excellent service from shop assistants.


heavy bummage :frowning:

I loved her ever-changing hair color … and her pussy.


At least Mr. Humphries and Mr. Grainger will have good company in that Big Store in the sky. She was a marvelous actress.

“I’m having my pussy cast in plaster!”

RIP, Mollie.

And Miss Brahms. Don’t forget Miss Brahms.

For those of us that aren’t familiar with her work, can someone summarize the bit about her pussy?

See “Link for people who haven’t visited Grace Brothers” above.

Captain Peacock comments. Very gracious indeed.

Very sad, though I can’t say I’m too shocked. I didn’t realize Wendy Richard had already died though! Also very sad, especially as she was much younger and apparently was a victim of breast cancer.

I remember seeing Mollie Sugden doing a pledge drive pitch on the local PBS station in the 90s. As I recall, she was actually in the local studio, not just doing some prerecorded bit. I was surprised, since it wasn’t a big station. She seemed quite charming.

It’s her cat she’s talking about…not her naughty bits.

Leave a sardine on the mat for her.

Come Back Mrs Noah!