Mom gives birth on of 68th and 3rd Ave NY.

They almost needed a catchers mitt for this one. :stuck_out_tongue: That was one quick delivery.

Glad the new mom and baby are ok. She may never look at the building’s doorman the same way. :smiley:

well I tried linking the corner. I have it showing on google maps. but the link is off.

That would have been quite a streetview.

that would have been an awkward time for the google street view car to drive by. :wink:

It always surprises me that the women go to the hospital and run up a big bill after having a kid in a car or street. The baby is already delivered. Cut the cord and go home. Women had babies for thousands of years without hospitals. Hospitals are absolutely necessary for complicated births. This baby practically fell out. It’s kind of pointless to run up thousands of dollars in medical costs.

Wow, a performance birth in one short act!

They also had a sizable proportion of newborns die shortly after being born. Hence the hospitals.

Well, there’s stuff you still have to do, like get the eyedrops and the vitamin K shot and all. And it’s very important to make sure you didn’t retain any placenta, that sort of thing.

Nor he, her.

Woman gives birth at 68…

oh. ON 68th, not AT 68