Moments in movies you find inexplicably entertaining.

BEING THERE is on tv again tonight. Great movie. But there is one moment I’ve always got a kick out of.

Chance has just been picked up by the Shirley Maclaine character. There is a television in the car, so they watch it. They end up on a channel showing a music video for Cheech and Chong’s “Basketball Jones”. They watch this ridiculous (and highly stereotyped) video, and it is played out in the context of the movie. The rising chorus of the video is juxtapositioned with Chance’s entry into the halls of power.

The moment is played out in all seriousness, yet it’s still “Basketball Jones” that they are listening to. I still think it’s pretty funny.

Moments, anybody?

What a great pick! I too have always loved that moment. But then I love the whole movie.

Maybe Amadeus when they’re doing the ballet without the music. It’s so Twyla, and so silly…just makes me laugh.

I liked the whole movie, as silly as it was. But I think the funniest part was when the Ben Stiller character was in the bathroom “preparing” for his date, and then couldn’t find his output - but she did…and mistook it for hair gel.


Nicholas Cage: Loretta, I love you.
Cher: (slap) (slap) SNAP OUT OF IT!

Five Easy Pieces.
“You want me to hold the chicken?”

“I want you to hold it between your knees.”
Barton Fink:

In the elevator, John Turturro asks the attendant if he has read the bible. The attendant says, “Nope. Heard of it, though.” Funny stuff.

The part in ‘May’ where the blind children are crawling across the broken glass. It wasn’t really shot for laughs, but I could not stop laughing, maybe it was a defense mechanism.

The guy singing “I have no legs” in Kids actually made me laugh pretty hard.


“We need a bigger boat.”

There’s no polite way to refer to the Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken scene in True Romance except to say it has to be one of the pinnacles of movie power.

And Redford’s line in Butch & Sundance: “Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?”

And in anotherwise so-so movie, the scene in the Rutger Hauer Wanted: Dead or Alive where he’s captured Gene Simmons’s character and stuffed a grenade in his mouth and walked him down to the place where the cops are waiting and after a moment’s thought he says, “Fuck the bonus” and pulls the pin on the grenade.

In “Signs” when Mel Gibson’s brother (?) gives a speech to the whole family in the car that goes something like, “All those UFO nuts are guys who can’t get girlfriends who have nothing better to do…blah, blah ect…” and he goes on discounting UFO nuts. Then the little girl asks “Why can’t they get girlfriends?”

I couldn’t stop laughing. She was just sooo cute, and her little mind got stuck at the ‘girlfriends’ part and missed the whole jist of the guy’s rant.

Johnny Depp’s recreation of Buster Keaton’s physical comedy in the park during “Benny and Joon.”

The Usual Suspects
Kevin Pollack, during the lineup, in a complete, straight-laced voice, “Hand me the keys, you fucking cocksucker.”

The Big Lebowski
People have broken into the Dude’s apt, smashing his stereo all to pieces and the Dude musters enough concern to say, while taking a bubble bath, mind you, “Hey, man…this is like a private residence.”

Danny Devito smacks Billy Crystal with a frying pan in “Throw Momma”. “You lied to me!”

Damn near every scene in Blazing Saddles but the best moment for me (having had older brothers) is when Bart goes in the saloon and Mongo has everybody pinned against the wall** with the piano!**

In Slapshot, when the Hansons take to the ice for the first time and the organist gets a puck to the noggin!

South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut- the scene in the cafeteria when Mr. Mackey makes the announcement about the ban on Terrance and Phillip clothing. Priceless!

Most of my other “entertaining moments” involve rape scenes and I won’t list them here or someone may think I’m a sick-o! :smiley:

Oh, damn! :wink:

Somebodys gotta go back and git a shitload of dimes!

Or any of his responses from the first time people break into his house:

“It’s down there somewhere, lemme look again.”

“Do I look like I’m married? You see a ring on this finger? Hell, the toilet seat’s up, man!”

“Obviously, you’re not a golfer.”

“At least I’m housebroken!”
Actually, you could pick any scene at random from that movie, and it’d work for this thread.

National Lampoon’s Vacation - “Real tomato ketchup, Eddie?” “Nothin’ but the best!”

European Vacation - “He may pork her, Rusty. Eat your breakfast.” and “I miss Jack!”

Escape From New York - “The name’s Plisskin.”

Office Space - “Watch your cornhole, bud.” and “Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays”

Caddyshack - “I was born to love you, I was born to lick your face, I was born to rub you, but you were born to love me first.” MANY others!

Hackers - “I have photographic memory…It’s a curse!”

Stripes - “Any a you HOMOS touch me… I kill ya!” “Lighten up Francis!” and “BLOOOWWWNNN UP SIR!”

Cool Hand Luke - “What we have here…is a failure…to comun-cate.”
Many more! I’ll stop there.

Mystery Men, when Mr. Furious figures out the Sphinx.

Sphinx: “When you doubt your powers…”

Mr. Furious: “You give powers to your doubts. That’s what you were going to say, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it?”

Sphinx: “…not…necessarily.”

also, let’s not forget Mr. Furious figuring out Captain Amazing’s secret identity, Lance Hunt:

Mr. Furious: “They’re the same guy!”

Shoveler: “Roy, we’ve been though this. Lance Hunt wears glasses. Captain Amazing doesn’t wear glasses.”

Mr. Furious: “He takes them off when he transforms!”

Shoveler: “That makes no sense! How would he see??”

The scene in The Matrix, where Neo walks through the metal detector in the government building lobby…

Security guard: Please remove any metallic items you may be carrying - keys, loose change…

[Neo opens his trench coat, revealing a rediculous number of guns]

Security guard: “Holy shit!”

That line cracks me up every time. Which gets me some odd looks, as a veritable killing spree follows…

“Nice Marmot, man.”

The Schofield Kid admits (after killing some guy) that he has never killed anybody before, to witch Bill Munny replies (completely dead pan): “Well, you sure killed the hell outta that guy.”