Special Movie Trivia: Identify the movie from this scene description.

dougie monty started this threat on the temporary SDMB and I’m transferring it here. So, identify the following movies from these scene descriptions and submit your own.

  • A man (and the camera) is hung upside down as he’s being interrogated about a serious crime involving a very important person (who’s also the interrogator’s boss.)

  • Two men argue about what “i.e.” and “e.g.” mean.

  • One man tells another that he never knocked him down.

NDP writes:

> - One man tells another that he never knocked him down.

Raging Bull

Nobody answered this one back on the other board so I’ll bring it out here and try again.

The wedding guests tense visibly as the groom(a Navy veteran) places the ring on his bride’s finger.

*Two men argue about what “i.e.” and “e.g.” mean. *

Is that from Smoke ** or ** Blue in the face? ** Or perhaps a Tarrantino? ** Resevoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction ?

i.e., e.g. was from get shorty…dont know anything else

I’m really curious what the “upside down interrogation” one is.

  • Seeing someone apparently puke, several men grab spoons and earnstly ingest it off the floor.

  • A wheelchair bound man is thrown off a cliff onto a deserted beach.

  • A dozen or so men, some in raincoats, surround a pit and stare in gravely.

The Great Santini

Is the upside down one from The Long Good Friday , or whatever the Bob Hoskins movie about a Cockney gangster was called?


–The Great Santini

I’ll come back with some scenes later.

**- A wheelchair bound man is thrown off a cliff onto a deserted beach. **

Is that from “Carlito’s way”?

Ewwwww at the puke scene.


No kase (with the cool a that I don’t know how to replicate).

Hint: He’s thrown off by the man who’s having an affair with his wife.

Thanks, NDP. :slight_smile:
I’ll offer some new ones:

  1. The former owner of a dog, who had mistreated the animal, menaces the boy who took the dog in and is killed when a windmill blade strikes him.
  2. Another windmill scene…this windmill drives a display of wax figures–actually human corpses coated with wax, as in House of Wax with Vincent Price–along a track, as an attraction. But here, the mill owner goes mad and starts a fire; the wax figures, traveling along the track driven by the windmill, melt and the bodies beneath them burn and fall apart.
  3. In an epilog to the movie, a man in an office–who has a skeleton for a secretary–tells the audience to wait until they go to bed at night and the room is dark, and “look through the red part of your viewer–if you dare!”
  4. A man tricked into boarding a Russian airplane is strip-searched for a coin his captors want. They don’t find it–He concealed it in his mouth.
  5. On an ocean liner, four stowaways running from the crew stop at a music stage; one plays the piano while the others play ten bars of sour music on saxophones, and then leave–to enthusiastic applause by the audience! :smiley:

Sounds like a Marx Brother’s movie to me. Duck Soup? I could never keep them straight.

Is this **Yao a yao yao dao waipo qiao ** (Shanghai Triad)?

Two of mine that never got answered:

[li]A man baptises his newborn son in a stream, only to be caught and taken prisoner by a group of soldiers.[/li]
A boy proposes to his girlfriend at the stock markets.

*Originally posted by Zoggie *
**Two of mine that never got answered:
[li]A boy proposes to his girlfriend at the stock markets. **[/li][/QUOTE]

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The movie with the legless man in the wheelchair being pushed off a cliff was Eye of the Needle.

How about this one: a mob uses a catapult to hurl flaming projectiles at an apartment building, until the building’s only inhabitant responds with a large-caliber sniper rifle.

Is is Monkey Business ?

Good guesses (especially Long Good Friday) but wrong. Remember, only one man is being interrogated and most of the scene is shot from his upside-down P.O.V. (Although, I admit that I have not seen Shanghai Triad so there might be an identical scene in it.)

You are both right.

Let me try one:

I should know this movie better to know for sure whether this scene is in it but I guess Sophie’s Choice.

Let me add a couple more. I’ll start numbering them so they’ll be easier to reference.

NDP 1 - A young English woman washes the headstone at the grave of her mother who died destitute and shunned by her family.

NDP 2 - A cabdriver quits his job by abandoning his taxi in the middle of a bridge.


Try these

  • a man enjoying a private moment finds he can’t get up

  • a man and a woman haggles over the price of contact lenses

  • a British officer scolds recruits, then grant them their wish

Correct–and too easy!

Here’s another:

NDP 3 - A man holds an empty bottle of booze but doesn’t feel drunk.

Holding the bottle but not feeling drunk is Memento.

Enjoying a private moment is Lethal Weapon 2.

I thought the pit gravely was Monty Python’s Meaning of Life death skit, but then I read it again. Oops. Anyway, I don’t think I know any more. But to add to the glut (I think picking off two and adding 1 is good karma):

Thousands of paper cranes…