Momma..don't let your babies grow up to be dopers..

…instead tell this first time dad what your baby gear preferences are?

We’re starting to register for baby showers…and getting ready to outfit the little screamer’s room.

Specifically, what is your opinion on strollers…car seats…and carriers?

I’ve heard conflicting opinions on those travel systems which include the car/seat carrier AND stroller as a complete system.

While we’re at it…

diaper genie…gift from the gods or overhyped waste of money?

any other products your really valued (or things that you would rather not have bothered to get)?


I don’t really have opinions on anything but the Diaper Genie except to say it’s a true godsend. It does live up to its hype.


I will definitely second the Diaper Genie it will make your life so much easier and less smelly!

The stroller/carseat combos are great because when they fall asleep in either one, you can transfer them without waking them up. This cannot be understated enough…when they sleep you will do anything to keep them that way!

a bouncy chair. this is a little cantilevered sorta hammocky thing that sits on the floor or wherever…it will bounce up and down and it usually has a play thing that snaps on to amuse them.

One of those glider rocking chairs. Get the ottoman that comes with it. trust me it is so worht the price you will be thanking me for years to come. When my first was born, my wife bought a traditional white wood rocker…I laughed when I saw it (as I did for all her furniture purchases that didn’t involve me…she never learned)
Well, the day after I brought Claire home, I was at The Baby’s Room buying one. I still have it in my apt. today and it is just as comfy as it was the day I bought it.
Yes they are expensive, but if you factor in the countless hours spent in in and the untold amount of sleep you will gain from being able to get the baby to bed easier, it is a no brainer!

The 1st year…

Front pack carrier. Switch to backpack at 6 to 9 months, when they wanna see what’s going on.

Mostly I slept though the 1st year, according to the photographs.

Haven’t slept since.

Firstly beagledave, congrats;

#1 an Emmaljunga pram, they’re too big but they can double as a basinette.
#2 a second vote for the glider rockers
#3 the best way to ensure that you get a good nights sleep … breastfeeding
#4 Century reclining car seats. We often need to travel 500+ miles and can do so reliably with minimal stress because the kids find them very comfortable and can sleep for hours in them.


Thanks for the ideas so far…mrs beagledave wants to do the breastfeeding bit, so I’m deferring to her wishes on the rocker (since she will do most if not all feedings)…she wanted a traditional rocker, so we picked up a nice used one…we’ll see how it goes…

I’ve been checking epinions and babycenter for some ideas as well…but I know there have been some recent parents in doperville…