Monet and Elvis

A couple of years back I stumbled on weird site while surfing the Net. It has become something akin to the lost chord for me, as I have never been able to find it, or something like it, again.

It showed two scans of a haystack painting by Monet. The first was a high resolution scan, showing the painting clearly. The other was a very low resolution scan, so that there was just a colorful array of pixels. This second scan looked uncannily like a photo of Elvis Presley’s face held upside down.

The effect was actually quite eerie. It brought to mind the scene in Jarmusch’s movie Mystery Train where a Japanese teenager shows her scrapbook of photos of Mayan statues and the like which look strangely like Elvis, and Mojo Nixon’s song “Elvis is Everywhere”.

Perhaps it was a joke and the second scan had been doctored to get the resemblance. In any case, can anyone tell me where I can see this scan again?

Ah! So this is the question. Your OP was munched the other night, but Mangetout still got some entertainment out of it.

Sorry, though, I don’t have much of an answer for you, except perhaps to note that pop artist Denny Dent is pretty famous for doing upside-down portraits in a few minutes flat–usually of Jimi Hendrix.

Could he somehow be involved?