Money Orders that get refunded

So I’ve been apartment shopping. I need to recover a deposit I gave at one of the complexes. Normally, I’d write them a check and if I didn’t want the place, they shred the check. But I forgot my checkbook so I gave them a money order instead for $300. How will they give the money back to me? My concern is that the money order is made out to them so if they give it back to me, I won’t be able to deposit it. Or will I?

If I go into the bank and say “I know it’s not made out to me, but I’m the drawer”, will the bank let me cash it? If not, how do I get my $300 back?

AFAIK, If you have the entire MO, you should be able to get it refunded. You will have to get the check part back, and put the recipt with it and take it all back to where you got it. From there it is all up to the policy of the place you bought it from. Mine was from my own bank, they just redeposited the funds back into my account. (Added note, this is from the early 90’s)

Hmm. The receipt is 50/50 that I have it. What do I do if I don’t have the receipt?

They would normally cut you a check when the deposit is returned.

When you get a MO, it comes with three pages. One goes to the bank, one goes to you, one goes to the MO recipient (the top page). You always, always keep your copy, and if you need to take it back to recover your money, you use your piece and the MO you got back from the recipient.

If you don’t have your copy, I suppose they could cash it and give you a cheque back. Hopefully.

My money orders came from the convience store, for $0.79. The receipt was only a tab that tore off with the money order number and the amount.

I had one returned for payments I was making monthly but sent in a payment too many. They sent the money order back to me with a letter on letterhead stating that they debt was paid in full and they were returning my money order, as it was not due.

I took it to my bank (not a regular there, they don’t even know me) and they deposited it. Of course, I filled out the order previously with my full name and address, which is the same as my account.

My experience, for what it is worth…

Just ask the Apt. complex to cut you a check for $300 for the refund of the deposit, and they keep your $300 money order.

I haven’t gone apartment shopping yet. Can someone explain to me what this ‘deposit’ is that gets returned to you anyway? I always thought a deposit is something you can’t get back if you flake out.

With Money Orders - Always fill it out completely before leaving the counter where you bought it - including the store’s carbon copy (Don’t let them rip it out before it’s filled out)

This is a legal record. Don’t treat it like a fast-food receipt. It should go to the same safe place as cancelled checks.

Your options are:

  1. Talk to the apartment manager, see if they’ll keep the money order and cut you a check.

  2. Talk to the store you bought it from, they may be willing to take the money order addressed to someone else - they should still have their copy.

  3. Deposit it in your bank. Alter the ‘pay to’ line and initial the change. This prevents it from being a false document - you can’t say the apartment complex was paid with it if it’s changed, initital and stamped on the back with your account number.

The deposit shows two reasons

  1. shows that you are financially solvent.
  2. is money held against any damages to the property when you move out.

It can be considered part of the contract to lease an apartment - but if you signed a lease, getting your deposit back is the least of your worries if you don’t follow through.

In some places, the lease can be cancelled by either party with no penalty up until the first day of the lease. In these places, if you back out prior to day 1 of the lease, all deposits are refunded.

In other places, there are no such protections and the contract is simple and enforcable. If you back out you forfeit your deposit and owe any penalties and possibly rent.