Money-saving tricks: appliance buying

Doing a kicthen remodel and replacing some ancient appliances; buying about $5k of new ones: gas range, fridge etc. I’m looking for any tips on keeping the cost down folks might have.

The best suggestion I heard (to apply for new credit card for which the first purchase(s) would be 10% off) apparently no longer works because folks abused it, cancelling the cards immediately after major purchases. D’oh.

Anyway, I’m hip to energy star rebates but I suppose i’m looking for more along those lines.

Any suggestions?

  1. Try bargaining for a bulk rate: buying all at one place at one time in return for them giving you 20% off on each one. Heck, try for 25%. Or 33.3%. :smiley:

  2. Get Consumer Reports on them. They flag the make/models that give you the reliability/features for better prices. They provide a yearly Buying Guide to subscribers, which may be available in your library; and subscribers tend to hold onto magazines as the individual reports have richer detail. It’s likely someone in your family subscribes.

Enerygy-saving is Good (financially, regardless of the environment).

Go in there with cash in hand. Banter with the friendly salesperson. Figure out how much they want, then show them, in cash, what you’re willing to pay them today. Watch their eyes glaze over.

Can I interject to see if there’s also a means to do this for cabinetry? I always seem to think that contractors get super-duper deals on this kind of stuff. Granted they’re buying hundreds of items. Anyone ever successfully talked a contractor into selling stuff like this?

If you have a Habitat for Huminaty near you, you may get good prices at one of their Re-Stores.

Are you looking to buy Kenmore appliances from Sears, or are you hoping to snag more upscale machines from a local non-franchised appliance dealer? At risk of veering into IMHO territory, I haven’t run across too many people that ever regretted buying Kenmore, so that in itself is a cost-saving option. (Is that $1200 Asko dishwasher really three times better than the $400 Kenmore? The $600 white Kenmore front-load washer gets your clothes just as clean as the $1500 version in snappy designer colors.)

FWIW, Sears has a 0% finance until March 2006 offer right now on Energy Star washers and refrigerators, or 0% until September 2005 on non-Energy Star units. Or free delivery, in case you’re able to write a check and buy the whole kitchen at one shot.

Waving a wad of cash doesn’t seem to have much effect any more, sadly, unless you’re at that mythical mom-and-pop shop that’s hurting for business and about to default on the lease. Don’t think for a minute that the salesman at Sears or Home Depot is going to go home that night with some of your cash in hand as a bonus - they’ll get it at the end of the month in their paycheck, so how you pay makes little difference.

We’ve often saved some $$ by buying floor models of such things as washers, dryers and living room furniture.

Good point - forgot to mention that if you’ve got a Sears Outlet nearby, they’re well worth a visit. Some of their stock will look like it’s been beaten to death, but quite often, some judicious acceptance of minor damage will save a lot of money. A dent on the side of a range - who’s ever going to see it once you’ve slid the range into its space between the cabinets? Likewise the side of the fridge that’s against the wall - a perfect way to hide where it was scraped by a forklift.

One substantial caveat - delivery’s not available, so you need to be prepared to take it home right there and then.

Sears - at least a couple of years ago - would match any other locally available deal if they carry the same model. We walked in with what we saw at Best Buy, bought a couple of appliances and got a huge savings off of list.

BTW, the last time I was in Sears they had some very expensive models on display. Maybe not super-high-end stuff, but startlingly expensive. They haven’t just sold Kenmore products for a long time. That’s why they started the policy of matching prices at other dealers, to play up the fact that you could get pretty much any major brand from them just as in all the competing stores.

P. S. By “list” I don’t mean MSRP, but the already low sale price for the items.

Thanks for all the comments…

FWIW, I am chiefly considering getting Sears/Kenmore appliances.

Also, if anyone knows of any freakishly good credit card deals that shower you with air miles and have little cost, or perhaps other ways of recouping money spent on the appliances, I’d love to hear about them.

[ And also FWIW, I’m not actually cheap by nature but I just love “The Pudding Guy” who served as the inspiration for Adam Sandler’s character in Punch Drunk Love :slight_smile:

“Phillips had stumbled upon one of those frequent-flyer promotions in which airlines team with credit-card companies and other partners. The deal, since withdrawn, was this: buy 10 Healthy Choice products and get 500 miles–or 1,000 miles for purchases made before June 1999. Phillips tossed soup and popcorn into his basket like an end-of-the-world fanatic, but went apoplectic when he saw chocolate-fudge pudding cups at 25[cents] a pop. A mere $62.50 worth, he quickly calculated, would buy 25,000 miles.” ]

I signed up for Alaska Airlines shopping mall – I got a ton of miles when I bought my HDTV, dishwasher, and assorted holiday gifts online. I got enough for a free flight. If you’re buying a lot of appliances, you might do well to check it out. Other airlines have similar offerings:

Alaska Miles Shopping

Northwest Airlines Mall

United Airlines Mall

Thanks for all the input, everyone. Here’s a little more info I have found that might help others in my situation… I apologize in advance for sounding as if I’m shilling for any companies listed below…

  1. Today Sears fortuitously announced a 10% off sale on appliances through March 5. Should save me $500 or so.

  2. City-sponsored Energy Star rebates could save another $200.

  3. GE has a rebate program through April 3 for folks who buy several of their appliances for savings of $100 for two eligible appliances to $500 for five eligible apliances. (Since Sears sells these appliances, you can double-dip on savings.)

If I put these purchases on a credit card with a miles program, I may get a plane ticket or two out of it to boot. Much much better than a sharp stick in the eye :slight_smile: