Monica or Phoebe

Tough choice, but I think Monica squeaks out in front for me.

Rachel lovers, I have no respect for you.

I’m mainly a guitar player, but I’ve been known to play a little harMONICA from time to time.:smiley:

I’ve got two words for you …

Phoebe. She’s all… bendy.

Not a huge fan of Monica, but Courtney Cox circa Dancing In The Dark or Masters Of The Universe, yes please.

Phoebe’s flightiness would annoy me a lot more than Monica’s fastidious neurotic behaviour, though.

Huh. So you’re like me, word-for-word, only in reverse?


Seems so. I’ve lived with both kinds of people, and hippies annoy me way more than clean freaks.

In this scenario, I’m the age of the Friends? I’d have pursued Monica so damn hard. Gorgeous, neurotic and damaged after being fat and dismissed by her abandoning mom? Yeah, I was Mr. Stable Strength who would rescue her from that. 'cuz, y’know, that always works.


I’m sorry, was this supposed to be a simple Choose One game? Carry on. :wink:

Monica? Good grief, stay away from the crazy.

Phoebe might have some odd things, but harmless and you could get used to them. Plus much better looking.

I find Phoebe more attractive physically, but the woo would get to me after a while. So, if we are talking long-term, Monica.

I wish Kathy were an option.

I wasn’t a fan of Rachel in the early seasons and really didn’t get why anyone would pass over Monica for her, but Aniston aged incredibly well and by the last few seasons I liked her as much as anyone else on the show. There are analyses that go into crazy detail about how her character is really the only one that progressed during the show’s run.

My favorite will always be Phoebe’s friend that Ross dated who “was bald.” Quite the cutie.

Looks wise, Monica. I don’t personally find Phoebe attractive. Personality-wise, probably Phoebe, but it’s a toss-up. So I voted Monica.

Are you planning an elimination round where it’s, say, Phoebe or Mary Anne? Just wondering.


For real: Phoebe

You just know she knows things.

I’m definitely a Phoebe, and cannot stand any Monica.

Lose the annoying laugh and Janice is hotter than any of them.

Phoebe, without a doubt. Yes, she’s goofy, but she’s not neurotic, and she’s very sweet at heart.

But, even more importantly, Lisa Kudrow was on my own Freebie List for many many years. :smiley:

Quite agree, quite agree! Her normal voice is kitten-ish, as well.

I was as affected by that scene in Fast Times as anyone but based on overall career I have to go with Bellucci.