Monitor position and eyestrain

I’ve been experimenting with the position of the furniture and computer equipment in my office lately, and my latest experiment resulted in the monitor (a 17" one) being rather far away. So far away that I couldn’t even touch the screen from my chair, although it was only just out of my reach. I increased the font sizes in all of my applications to compensate for the distance, but I’m still getting eyestrain. Is it possible that the increased focal length alone is the problem? Is just the effort of reading text at a distance wearing out my eyes, even though the text is really large?

I work with computers as a technician and in my experience (no cites) eyestrain is more due to the refresh rate than position. The refresh rate should be a minimum of 72Hz (the usual figure is 75Hz). Is your screen flickering? Quite likely it’s got set to 60 Hz. Personally, I find 75 Hz too low and use 100 Hz at home.

I find it odd that I am the only one in the office that apparently can tell the difference between 75Hz and lower settings. It bugs my eyes if its too low, but others here never seem to notice. Strange.

There’s no apparent flicker, and I just checked the settings and it’s apparently refreshing at 75 Hz. And I only started getting eyestrain after I monkeyed with the position of my chair/keyboard/mouse/monitor, but it took a few days to develop.

Could it be the glare of other lights/windows in the room? At my employer, they recently replaced the windows with a newer variety that (theoretically) won’t leak water so readily. They also let in much more sunlight, so much so that I started getting headaches from trying to view my monitor.

We’ve started experimenting with glare reducers to improve the situation.

Might want to look at where your monitor is placed in relation to overhead lights, windows or other light emiting objects. Some fish tanks, for example, give off a glare from the lighting.