Monitor resolution problem

Is there a way to get those extra pixels that I’m missing? 1152x864 is better than what I had, but 1280x1024 would be nice to get, especially since I do a lot of photo editing. This is a CRT, not LCD.

With a lot of trial and error, including swapping graphics cards and fiddling with the drivers, I managed to somehow get that elusive 1280x960 resolution. I have no idea what I did, but it worked.

Lemme guess… this was an ATI card right??

looks at the OP… :smack:

Yep. ATI cards are kind of like that. For some reason, they’ve never offered 1280x960 as a resolution, even several years ago before LCDs became commonplace. Every NVIDIA card I ever had did 1280x960 (plus a lot of other non-standard formats… although why someone would want to run XP in 16-color 640x480 is beyond me)