What is the resolution of your desktop?

I’ve gone around the office, and it seems that most of us here have our desktop set to 1280x1024, with a couple of exceptions (a few have theirs set to 1024x768).

So Dopers, what’s yours set at?

dual 1280x1024.

1920 x 1200. 24" widescreen monitor. I wish I had two of 'em.

Mine’s 1280x1024. It was at 1024x768, then I realized I could reclaim some real estate by upping it.

1920x1200 and 1680x1050 (17" laptop and 23" screen)

My computer at home (Mac widescreen notebook) is 1680x1050.

My point-of-sale system at the bookstore (Windows desktop) is 1024x768.

My main writing/layout system for work has a primary 1920x1200 24" flat panel and a secondary 1280x1024 CRT.

2560x1600 + 1920x1200

1280x800, and it’s annoyingly, horribly large. It’s at the max, and I wish I could make it bigger.

ETA: I mean the windows and icons and such are horribly large, not the resolution. Obviously.

Two 1600 x 1200 21" LCDs.

Dual monitor set up:

Left: 1440x900
Right: 1280x1024

1680 x 1050 +
1680 x 1050 +
1024 x 768
3 screens

1280 x 768 which is the max for my display. I would use whatever is the max for the display.

1024x768, and I’m still rockin’ the CRT (they’re free!)

2960x1050, split across two LCDs.

I’m intrigued at how many respondents have multiple monitor setups. Not all that long ago, two monitors was the almost exclusive domain of graphic artists or financial mavens.

Well, I do use mine for newspaper layout, but I’ve been a dual monitor fan forever. I always do it that way with my notebook computers.

As a side note, I love the high resolutions for general work, but I hate it for Web browsing. My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, and I prefer bigger text. Unfortunately, there are a lot of lazy Web designers that build fixed-width sites, using less than half the available width of the screen, and there are a lot of incompetent Web designers that build sites that break when you enlarge the text. Virtually everything I do on the computer will scale correctly to the monitor size, except for all those damned fixed-width Web sites.

Work - 1280x960
Home - 1600x1200

1024x768 at home AND work!

My socks match too.

Another 1280x1024, although once some cheap flatscreens roll around on Woot I’ll probably switch duel a duel-display of the same resolution.

1920 x 1200

I used too but then i got SLI which doesn’t support it and didn’t want to turn it on and off all the time. Apparently the drivers for it will support multiple monitors in one of the upcoming versions though. So i’ll probably pick up a second monitor when that happens.

176x184. You’ll never take my VIC-20.