Monitors flickering -> death: is my home cursed?

Last week my brand new 23" Apple Cinema Display arrived. It worked fine the first night. The second night it suddenly went to full brightness, and wouldn’t adjust lower by any means. It also flickered continually. The next morning, it wouldn’t turn on, it was dead and flashed an LED error code (-> service centre).

Tonight I booted up my ancient Vaio laptop. It worked fine last night. Tonight, during boot-up, the screen flickered like mad and went black/dead. I tried a few more times, but the same thing occurred. I have now successfully attached an external monitor, so I assume it’s not a graphics card thing.

My question: is this just a very bizarre coincidence (the Vaio is aged, so things do start failing) or could there be something wrong in my flat for two displays to die in just a few days?

I am assuming it can’t be a powersupply issue, because the computers are working fine, and have transformer-type things (as did the separately-powered Apple Display).

There aren’t any magnets or anything like that near either.

Is my home cursed? Or am I?

You’re new computer didn’t some with a subwoofer with it’s speakers did it?

:smack: sorry didn’t read it properly, you don’t have any similar equipment near it do you?, that’s what the culprit was last time I had problems with displays flickering

Have you recently watched a very bizarre b&w streaming video, then immediately received an e-mail with only the subject line: “sEvEn DaYs…”