Subject: Lets play the Hypochondria Game (Computer Monitor Edition).

Okay here’s the scoop.

I have a ~ four year old big 17 inch monitor (I’ve never measured it, but it seems bigger than the other seventeen inch monitors I’ve seen, maybe it;s 19 inches)

Sometimes when I thump the desk (that the monitor is sitting on) I’ll get the adjust contrast dialog on the monitor, other times (occasionally) the dialog will pop up randomly. WTF?? Any explaination for this.

Problem #2: Sometimes there will be a horizontal flicker on the monitor. (It’s not the refresh rate because that is 85Hz) It looks something like static on the TV, execpt it is going from side to side. When the monitor is doing this, the picture quality suffers. The whole episode only lasts about half a second. Why is it doing this?


I, too, have an old monitor.

Whenever I turn the TV on, my picture woobles. I don’t think it’s a Big Deal.