Monk help

In the Wiki article on the series “Monk,” the description includes this gem:

This rings no bells with me at all.

Does anyone happen to recall any details about the episode in which this was shown?

Monk was either reading a newspaper or visting that museum when he solved that, so it’d be either the first episode that featured his brother or the one with the stolen diamond.

I’m fairly certain it wasn’t either of these. The first one with his brother was where his brother suspected his neighbor of killing his wife, and the diamond one only had the dead ninja, IIRC.

The handcuff bit was incidental to the main story.

He read the details in a newspaper. The murder happened in London, IIRC.
I can’t pinpoint which episode it was exactly, but I do remember this bit.
As Lute Skywatcher said, it was incidental to the main story.

Paris, I think.

It was the episode where someone killed the paperboy. Working on the theory that someone didn’t want Monk to see the paper, and solve a crime described in it, he was going through all the issues he missed. He ended up solving several crimes, but IIRC The intent was to keep Monk’s neighbor from learning that he had won the lottery, until the murderers got marry the guy and have him bumped off.

Yes, that was it, “Mr. Monk and the Paperboy.” Thank you.
It was bugging me and I was picking through the episode desciptions at but hadn’t come to this one yet.

Here, this is the one you want. You can say all you want about his collaborations witth Coltrane or Rollins or Mulligan – or even his long-term relationship with Charlie Rouse – but I still maintain that Johnny Griffin was his finest saxophone foil.


Forgot about that one. I was thinking it was in one of the papers that his brother had.

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