Mono audio to Stereo in Windows Movie Maker

Okay… I had a VHS tape I wanted to convert to DV-AVI format on my computer. So I used the only VCR I had handy, which only had one audio input to go from the VCR to my DV-cam to my computer. The result was a file that had good video quality and TV quality audio (of course), but the audio was, obviously, mono. On the left speaker, to be exact.

Is there a way I can use Windows Movie Maker (or some other free, small, simple utility) to just play the left track through the right speaker also?

I’d find a VCR with stereo outputs, but that would require a lot of effort – we have the one VCR, but 4 DVD players. Go figure. :slight_smile:

I just want to play the one track through both speakers to simulate stereo sound. How can I do this?

Thanks, you digital video experts… :smiley:

Try goldwave (google for it) I believe it has a 30 day trial period or some such grace period for use.

The program will load the audio file from most video formats. (If it doesn;t work you’ll have to extract it yourself).

After the mono file is loaded go to effects → stereo → channel mix :wink:

I can pull the audio from the video file, yeh, but then if I stereo-ize it, how do I put it back? :slight_smile: