Mono. My daughter has been kissing boys.

Well, not really, because she’s six, but I like to make fun. (“Daddy, NO! Ew! Boys are gross!”)

Anyway. The little Torqueling has been diagnosed with mono, that is, mononucleosis. Her spleen is enlarged, which makes her stomach hurt, she’s feverish, she’s thrown up a few times, and she’s generally kinda pale and listless. Still, she’s six, which means when she wants something from her room, she hops up and runs there, and we have to yell at her, “DON’T RUN!!” And getting her to take medicine to keep her fever down is like pulling teeth. It’s gonna be a long recovery, I reckon.

I just wanna hear some stories, and maybe some advice here and there when you have some to give.

No advice, really, but I wanted to let you know that your quote in your daughter’s voice gave me a nice early-morning smile. :slight_smile: Hope her spleen returns to normal soon.

Object lesson for her: You kiss boys, you get cooties. Good time to get her to swear to never kiss any boys until after she’s been married for 5 years.

I had mono when I was in college. After the initial super-yucky phase (which lasted less than a week) I would still get nighttime fevers–chills at night and sweats in the morning. Also, I started to get a really weird but documented symptom, which was swollen eyelids when I woke up in the morning. First thing, I could barely see out of my eyes. It went away within an hour.

I was in a biology lab course during that time in which we ran gels of our own liver enzymes. Yeah, that was interesting.

Senior year in high school my girlfriend broke up with me 3 days before Christmas. Christmas day the doctor called with the results from the visit the previous week: I had mono. She had it some time before that.

I slept through Christmas break, like 16 hours a day at least. Christmas day I woke at noon, came downstairs, and saw a pile of stuff in the corner where my presents were the night before. Apparently, I had gotten up with everyone else and opened my gifts, but I didnt remember it.

I had mono a few years ago, and it got sufficiently bad that my liver shut down and I turned yellow. That would have been a fun lab.