Is mono one of those things you can only get once? Do you build an immunity to it, or can you get it again?

According to the Medical Encyclopedia I consulted online (the Health Wellness Center at the library), there is only one Epstein-Barr virus infection to a customer.

Sometimes people get a relapse in symptoms because they resume normal activities before the disease has run its course.

The reference source says that it takes four to six weeks to run its course.

If you think have it, you should consult an MD.

I’d say that you can get it only once - in most people, infection with the Ebstein Barr Virus (EBV), the agent that causes mononucleosis, elicits an immune response, with protective antibody formation. This should be lifelong.

In some instances, though, the virus is incorporated into the genes of the infected individuals. In certain ethnic groups this has been associated with the eventual development of serious late complications, eg. nasopharyngeal carcioma in Chinese, and Burkitt’s Lymphoma in central Africans.

Still, in the vast majority of people, the illess is one-time-only, mild, short-lived, and without long-term or late complications.

Well I had a friend that had it and he told me that you can only get it once. Then again, he wasn’t completely sure of this and was just trying to convince his girlfriend that if they “did stuff” she wouldn’t be able to get it again, since she’d already had it.