Monsterland TV series on Hulu

has anyone watched this?

In the first episode, was everyone a potential skinwalker or just the two characters in the station wagon? Did the waitress character go onto become a skinwalker? Also why was he so interested in her, could he tell she hated her life and he wanted a new partner to work with? Was the woman at the burger joint at the end the other skinwalker that Alex killed in the beginning

In episode two, what happened at the end? Did he go on a shooting spree, did he kill his mom?

In the episode about the CEO and the oil spill, what the hell was that bird thing?

Its a good show but doesn’t make a lot of sense. I get the impression the monsters are just character plots to explore human weakness and frailty. But the plots don’t make a lot of sense, especially the endings.

Wife and I watched ep.1. Not sure about answers to your ep.1 questions, just here to say, with a name like “Monsterland” we expected more of a “Zombieland” style fun monster romp, maybe like the X-Files “Monster of the Week” episodes. Boy. that is not what we got. Not necessarily bad, just dreary and depressing.

Agreed. That recap definitely describes the episode we saw.

just watched episode 3 about new Orleans. I’m watching these out of order, skipped several middle ones.

that was the best one by far of the ones I’ve seen.

I’m up to episode 4. Not sure if I want to continue because every ending so far has pissed me off.

Do the writers have an issue with closure? jeez!

Just watched ep.2 last night. Jeez, more bleak and depressing than the first one. And I think I get what the writers were going for, but I didn’t like the ending to that one either. I agree with @Wesley_Clark that the ‘monsters’ are more allegorical, “character plots to explore human weakness and frailty”.

I might give ep.3 a watch based on Wesley_Clark’s recommendation, but I don’t know how many more of these I can take.