Monsters At Work, series sequel to Monsters, Inc

The new series Monsters At Work has started streaming. A mostly “below decks” show addressing the difficulties in the switch in business models from screams to laughter after the events of Monsters, Inc., with some employees feeling that they’re screwed by the change. (One monster actually said “We’re screwed”–I actually thought that was a little salty for the target demo.) first episode wasn’t bad.

I’ve watched the first two episodes. They’re amusing, but they’re not knocking my socks off (yet).

I’m a little impressed they seem to have got all the original voice actors for the main characters back.

Episode 3, “The Damaged Room”, was the funniest of the bunch. I’ve always enjoyed the Mike/Sulley friendship, and the way they fight like an old married couple, and again they’re fighting like an old married couple with a kid. But the way they fought at the baseball game would lead a third party to believe that the kid is actually theirs. “Oh, I see. You wanted to go to the game with Fungus and leave me at home with the baby!” “I changed the diaper, but you’re cooking and cleaning tonight!”

Tylor and Val’s relationship is getting better with Tylor’s memory being jogged by Val’s tearful recollection of the only thing Tylor ever said to her in college. And hey, now they’re work buds!

Stay for the closing theme. It’s in stadium organ style.

Episode 4:

At first I thought having a bowling episode was kind of a stale trope, but it won me over with the team name The Big Wazowskis. Also, in a world where almost every monster has a unique shape, it was kind of weird to see one exactly like Mike, only blue. It really shined a spotlight on the question of what’s the deal with the biology there.