Montezuma Tequila

This is not an endorsement of the product.

But I just realized (while fixing a tequila & diet) that I’ve been using Montezuma Tequila for about 34 years, since I 1st came across it in the early 80s, at the Alabama State liquor store when we moved there.

Usually buy the cheapest brand.

34 Years. Yet you still post/write like someone looking for a green card. I know you aren’t Russian, Russian’s already know more about life in the USA than most Americans. So you want to know about Tequila. Maybe you should start a Mexican thread so that you get the Straight Dope about Tequila.

So you are ESL and are curious about life in the US after living here for 34 years. There is something wrong with this picture.

Someday, it will take it’s revenge.