na-nah na na naaa na-nah naa TEQUILA!

Heya folks! I’m leaving Sunday morning for the South Nowhere, Texas, visiting INS border patrol stations up and down the Rio Grande. This will give me the opportunity to scoot across the river and hit some Mexican border towns. I looove tequila, but don’t quite know what brands to look for outside of a DC package store. I’m looking to bring back a bottle or two of something that I would have a hard time finding out here, and would not be able to afford it if I did. What do the tequila snobs reach for when the reach for a lemon? And will I ever get this song out of my head?

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There are many good quality Tequila’s in Mexico, the general rule is stay away from the Golds and stick with the Platinums. All the really good ones are dated and are NOT aged.

Here is a good site for ya:


Make sure you only bring back the “personal consumption” amount.

My Aunt Clara thought the liquor prices were too good to pass up in Baja California, so she stocked up. Warned about the personal consumption limit, she stashed bottles in the nooks and crannies of her and Uncle John’s boat (on a trailer).

When they hit the border, the Federalis had been given advanced warning of their arrival, and they searched the truck and boat and confiscated all the liquor.

Little Aunt Clara, the smuggler… :D:D

Dos Gusanos is some pretty serious gut ripping stuff. Plus, as the name implies, you get two worms, for when you forget you already ate the first one.

Tequila does not have worms in it. That is different Mescale or something like that. I know I am killing the spelling.


Actually, I heard there’s a huge tequila shortage because of some kinds of worms eating the agave cacti.

Sorry, doing a slight hijack, but am I mistaken or is it agave that mescal is made from? Because that new Snapple “Rain” is made from the same thing…

Cecil Adams on tequila and mescal and SDSTAFF Wildbabe on the worm.

That said, the OP is really looking for opinions, so I’ll move this thread to IMHO.

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