Monthly photo competition #1 - Dec 2022 - "Outdoors"


…I’ll be posting exclusively from my archives, as unfortunately my health doesn’t allow me to get-out-and-about much any more. And I’ll pick something that goes against the grain that everyone else is posting because I’m contrarian :smiley:

“Outdoors.” Featuring AJ, courtesy Voda Management.


Well, I certainly feel something when I look at that photo!

Hungry? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:smile: Definitely not!

Hi all, just a gentle reminder to everyone that this thread is for posting photos only - please can we do all the discussion (and I’d love to see lots of discussion :grinning:) in the rolling discussion thread? The reason for this is that it’ll be much easier for me to compile the eventual poll if the photos are all together without lots of chatter in between. Thanks! :grinning:

Study in Blue. Taken in 2015 from Mt. Hood looking south at Mt. Jefferson. Nikon Coolpix, which is as technical as I get.

Let Nature do the heavy lifting, I always say.


Chesterfield Gorge, MA, last month.


Barn I pass on my commute. Southbound at sunrise. Michigan October.

Winchester Cathedral at dusk, 5 Dec '22. It’s google photos so, as ever, you have to click on the image for the complete photo. iphone SE, no post-processing.

Google Photos


Lithia Park, Ashland Oregon

Google Photos

Matanuska Glacier in Alaska.

Westbury Gardens. Hempstead LI, NY

At the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone last year with my niece. I don’t believe she planned the matching hoodie!

Street Scene

This was from a random day when I went for a walk around the neighborhood taking photos of whatever struck my fancy.

Mills Race Lake Erie

This competition is now closed for entries. Any pictures posted after this post won’t be included in the poll.

I’ll post a poll in this thread tomorrow for voting. Thanks for all your submissions!

Please vote for your three favourite photos, using whatever criteria you feel is best. All Dopers are welcome to vote - you don’t need to have submitted a photo. You cannot vote for your own photo.

Important note: it seems you can’t have a poll in Discourse with more than 20 options. So to accommodate all the entries, I’ve had to split them into two polls. You still only get three votes, across both polls. Think of it as one big poll - you can pick any three from across both lists. There’s nothing technically stopping you voting three times in each poll, but please don’t do that. You get three votes period.

The voting deadline - contrary to what I said in post #1 - is 9pm GMT on Tues 20th December. This gives everyone a little bit longer, avoids any “which 12am?” confusion (thanks for calling that out, @WildaBeast) and means your humble organiser doesn’t have to stay up until midnight to close the poll. :slight_smile:

One last note - where we’ve had more than one entry from the same person, I’ve asked them to pick the one we’re voting on, since the rules say one entry each. That’s noted in the poll itself.

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I added a staff note to the OP linking to the Polls post. Hopefully that helps.

Thanks @What_Exit - much appreciated.