Monthly photo competition #3 - Feb 2023 - “Animals”

This is the monthly thread for February 2023. The topic this month is “Animals”, chosen by @beowulff

Please note:

  1. The general rules for the competition are here .
  2. One entry per person per month. To make the photos easier to review (and to make the voting poll easier to compile) please only post once to this thread, with your entry. Your post can include a caption with whatever info you want to give.
  3. Please keep all discussion in the rolling discussion thread .
  4. Once the submission deadline has passed, I’ll put a voting poll in this thread.


Submission deadline: 9pm GMT on Wednesday 22nd Feb 2023

Voting deadline: 9pm GMT on Monday 27th Feb 2023

Good luck!

Tiny Toad on a Nickle - Practika 35mm with extension tubes, hi res low contrast B&W film.

These really tiny toads were all over the garden so I picked one up for a photo. Refrigerated the nickle to keep him/her calm.

Ivan the giraffe and Bucky the water buffalo at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Ivan was pretty much the Alpha animal in the big open “African Plain” area. He was very popular with visitors and had a unique relationship with Bucky who stoically put up with his hoof-to-head shenanigans.

I was out in my back yard, and I heard an odd sound, I looked up, and saw this Great Horned owl in my pine tree. I ran in and got my camera, and was able to get a few images before he had enough and flew away.


This is my dog Parson Russell Terrier Milo. He loves to ride in the boat and swim in Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana.


At a zoo near my brother’s home in Michigan.

Taken from a small boat on the St. John’s River, Florida.


Horace’s Duskywing, Summer 2022



People think pterodactyls are extinct, but…

[Counselor Troi] I sense…judgement. [/CT]

Pryor Mountain, Wyoming wild mustang. It was quite a trip up there, we were brought up by a pickup truck with specialized suspension. It took more than two hours, but it was well worth it.


This one’s Pink.

There is no such thing as bad pizza!


My two fellas.

This is basically just a casual snapshot of Bernie in the back of my minivan. It was taken by my son playing with his fancy new camera and a Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM lens, I believe at full aperture. This creates a very narrow depth of field that produces the softness around most of Bernie’s fur, except for the part of his face that’s in sharp focus.

The late Whitney in repose. As a long-hair black cat she was near impossible to get a good photo of. This is probably the best one I ever managed.

Have posted this in the general photography thread but just spotted you do this wonderful monthly competition, so here it is again! Taken at an opportune moment at Chobe National Park in Botswana a few weeks ago:


I caught these guys working during the annual Threshing Days at a nearby small town.