Montreal Dopers, your recommendations for book/ clothes shopping?

I’m going to be in Montreal next week for a conference, and I’d like to use some of my spare time to pick up some things I can’t get over here in Russia.

Particularly interested in English language bookshops (new and second-hand) and clothes shopping.

In terms of clothes, I’m mainly looking for casual/ business casual (e.g. jeans, sweaters, a couple of Lands End-style shirts, maybe a nice trouser suit) and shoes. As for budget, I’m not sure what things cost over there, but I’d probably be looking to spend no more than 50 USD per item of clothing.

Also interested in leather shoes which are not high end, but will last more than two months.

Your recommendations on specific stores/ areas of the city I should visit?

Surok, since you’re coming to a conference, I’m guessing you’ll spend most of your time near downtown. Our biggest shopping street downtown is Ste- Catherine, all the way between Atwater and St-Laurent.

For books, try Stanley Street at Ste-Catherine. There’s a huge Chapters (chain store), but also many used book sellers. For stylish casual/business casual, I’d say a special place to check is Simons on Ste-Catherine near Mansfield. It’s a Quebec-based store that has well-made and fashionable clothes for teen girls, women, and men. You might also pick up some good deals in the Chinatown and Old Port areas, because they’ve had less customers since summer ended. Good luck, and have a nice trip!

There are a ton of malls on St-Catherine’s street.

Chapters is good, I also remember one called Indigo that used to be on McGill college.

Simons rocks-though I’d also check out Bedo, Jacob & Zara (though Zara is a European brand so I would think you’d have access to it). If you’re in the market for shoes Aldo and Pegabo aren’t bad. There are some cheaper stores-Le Chateau used to have very trendy stuff at a lower price, kind of like Forever 21 in the US.

Another avenue for shopping would be St-Laurent, though my memory of this street is that it was either used clothing type stores or very expensive boutiques.

Have fun! I grew up in Quebec and then went to school in Montreal. It’s a wonderful city in which to have fun.

Oh, none of the above applies if you’re a guy, except maybe the shoe stuff. Also try Roots and Holt Renfrew (though that’s pretty upscale). I remember them both making guy stuff.

Thanks, anu-la 1979 and xnylder. That helps a lot!

I need headphones with a noise reduction system. I’m looking at Sennheiser/ Bose at the moment, but am willing to be persuaded otherwise.

Any ideas where I should go to find a good selection of headphones I can try? Would St. Catherine’s street also be a good place?

(and yes, I’m female :slight_smile: ).

No problem! Future Shop might have what you’re looking for. There’s a store on Ste-Catherine’s between Union and Bleury that could be handy for you.