Montrealers, HELP!

We are leaving for a weekend in Montreal tomorrow morning and I wanna know…what should we see/do?

We are definately going to the Biodome, as we do once every year or two.

Any suggestions appreciated!!

Ahh… to be back in Ottawa or Montreal and Ottawa at this time of year, and see leaves other collors than dirty yellow…

I haven’t lived in Montreal for a while, but we go back pretty regularly to see the family (2-3 / year).

Last time I was surprised by the number of really nice stores and the level of good shoppin on St-Catherines st. between Universite and Guy. (Hint, on weekends, park on McGill university campus. Flat fee, cheaper that the lots, and you’re helping pos-sec education)

Stroll allong St-Denis st , eat lunch at a cafe; Next best thing to Paris, with less smoke and doggy-do. Nice galleries, more funky/eclectic stuff then St-Chaterines.

Evenings, go down to the old montreal, and check out some of the places that have the “chansonniers” on St-Paul st. They sing french folks songs, drinking songs, audience participation, lots of fun. Like a huge family party 60 years ago. Better than the usual bar/club scene.

For the BEST greek souvlaki, check out Brochetterie Archova, on ST-Viateur, just east of Park (Or is it just east of St-Laurent? It’s been a while…)

For more suggestions, walk into the lobby of a nice hotel, walk up to the Concierge, an ask for suggestions and a "Where"magazine. They never check if you’re a gues if you look like you fit in. You may get some hot tips that way…

If the weather sucks, check out the underground-connected shops dowtown: Place-Ville-Marie-Eaton Center - Place de la Cathedrale (built under a Cathedral) Centre Montreal Trust-Gallerie-Simmons.
It’s just as big together, and far classier and more interseting, than the West-Edmonton Mall, with much less repetition (What a let down that was…))

Go to the Faubourg St-Catherine, (On St-Catherine, just east of Guy, south side) and shop for wonderful raw milk french cheeses and other hard to find gourmet nibbles. Enjoy the Felix & Norton’s soft chewy decadent cookies while you’re there… Better yet, go there first and shop for a lovely pic-nic: sandwiches, cheese, a baguette, fruits, chilled wine, pastries, then go up to Mont-Royal, around beaver-lake / lac des castors, look at the leaves, and have a nice lunch. That was an old favourite of ours for a romantic mid-day getaway.

Well, these are a few ideas. Hope some of them strike you as fun.

Hey Montreallers, any other thoughts? What’s going on these days?

Amusez-vous bien, et bonne find-de-semaine!

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The Lantern Festival is on right now at the Botanical Gardens, and you can buy a combination ticket for the Biodome and the Gardens at a reduced price.

My sweetie pie, Upside Down Amber on the boards, calls the Botanical Gardens “boring plants and junk”, and even she wants to go to the lantern festival, so I can safely recommend it.

If you have time, visit us at work. Amber works at Wendy’s near the corner of St. Catherine and Peel, and I work at the Subway next to it. Maybe Amber will give you a free Frosty. The secret password is “Cecil wears blue shoes.”

Sex Motel Party

Well, you did say any suggestions welcome. You didn’t give us much to go on.

Thanks for the suggestions all…well, almost all. eunoia I think we’ll skip the party. LOL

kung fu lola

I didn’t know about the Lantern Festival, but I think we’ll go to that while we’re there.

And, if I can find the Wendy’s and Subway, we’ll drop by! Your password made me actually lol. heh

Go to Schwartz’s for the best smoked meat sandwich on the planet.