Montreal- the Dopefest of those damn furriners.

OK, great. Everyone: as soon as I figure out when Andygirl is getting in I’ll post a suggested time. Tentatively speaking, however, how is 6:00 PM Friday evening?

I’ll make room on my busy schedule =>

Are we going to a bar, or for coffee, or to a restaurant, or what?

I’ve never been to that bar you mentioned on Bishop, either. Oh, and matt? I think I’d feel a bit out of place in a gay bar. :slight_smile:

So we’re talking 6:00pm, Friday the 23rd?

Ok, disons we’ll meet on a bar on Crescent or Bishop or somewhere of the like… what was the suggestion? Grumpy’s? OK, next time I’m downtown I’ll check it out.

And then maybe later we can go to the Village & dance. Sky (my favourite club) ought to have been reopened by then. And LaurAnge, there are lots of straight girls there :slight_smile:

Due to Andygirl’s travel schedule, we are going to have to push this back to Saturday at 6. Is this OK for everyone?

Sorry 'bout the segue in plans, but the bus schedule simply is not working with me.

If I take a bus from the next town over, I can make it way the hell earlier on Friday night. EAT 6:10 pm…

So Friday night works, if it’s a little bit later.

If it’s on Saturday, and if I can crash at someone’s (I’m not terribly big, just throw me a pillow and I’ll be fine…) I can make it. Anyone up for seeing the Hitchcock exhibit pre-debauchery?

If you do settle on a time, let me know. There’s a chance.

OK, Swiddles can’t make it on the Friday then.

Can anyone not make it on Saturday?

So, then… 6 pm, Saturday the 24th?

Works for me!

Still sounds good…

(I mean, to see andygirl… I wouldn’t want to deprive her spleen)


I suggested Grumpy’s as it’s centrally located, easy for folks from out of town to locate. Other places on Bishop, of which there are few still in operation and Crescent may be too packed on a friday during happy hour.

It’s quiet. Real quiet. But hey, it was one of Nick Auf DerMaurs favorite hangouts!

It’s a good place to hook up, have a drink and figure out where to go from there.


Where do you go from Grumpy’s? Aren’t the cool places all still on St. Laurent and St. Denis (village excepted)?

tick… tick… tick…

the time approacheth…

do we getteth togethereth?

I say yeth.


The Montreal Dopefest will take place on Saturday, 24 February, at 6 PM, at Grumpy’s, 1242 Bishop St, between Ste Catherine’s and René-Lévesque, metro Guy-Concordia (green line) or Lucien-L’Allier (orange line). Here’s a map:

Following plans to be determined once we’re there.

For information, more detailed directions, my phone number, etc., email me at .

See you there!


Whooty whooty woo!