Montreal- the Dopefest of those damn furriners.

I didn’t want to hijack Lauren’s thread any further. (oooh, my spleen!) So, without further ado…

In accordance to matt_mcl’s timeline, I am now planning on visiting Montreal at some point during the last weekend of February. (Friday 23rd- Sunday 25th.) Come as you are, bring hot chocolate, learn how to seduce someone in French.

Have at it, then. When and where are good for people?

Dewt, Dylan, LaurAnge… this means you!

And, as an added bonus, you will be kept warm in the cold winter by the residual heat of two complete and utter flamers.



My trip to Iqaluit is two weeks before that, and my froggin’ boss REFUSES to work with me on this…despite hints, suggestions, and outright demands, my stopover is in Ottawa. Cheaper, don’tcha know.

[sub]mutter…corporate drones…what’s mere money compared to the satisfaction and well-being of valued employees…especially those that have to go freeze their butts off in the middle of ButtF***, Nowhere…mutter[/sub]

Someday, I will get a chance to meet some of you… I especially want to meet matt_mcl - you fascinate me, man. An NDP crusader in serious PQ and Bloc territory to start with, young in an area that seems (to Western eyes, anyhoo) to really prefer the dinosaurs, and gay, to boot. The Eastern answer to Svend Robinson, and a pretty snappy reply, too. And maybe you can help me get a better set of answers to the Question…when we’re drunk enough to discuss it.

Not that I don’t think you’re all wonderful people, it’s just some are especially interesting.

We now stop whining and return you to your Dopefest planning.




Damn…I know I’m not a well-known poster, but a dopefest in Montreal would be cool. Unfortunately, I won’t be back home in Quebec that week - I’m there the week before, though!! Oh well. Maybe one day I’ll come across one of you guys…


Don’t make me track you down…

Woo hoo! Kick ass! I’m there!

Ah, here’s the thread I was looking for!

February … hm. If all goes according to plan, I should be spending Friday the 16th in Montreal. (No classes in Kingston, and a plane the next morning… seems like a good excuse to visit.) I’m landing on Montreal late that Sunday, so it looks like I’ll miss you, Andygirl. :frowning: However, for the other pro-claimed Montreal residents (and mnemosyne?) … if anyone wants to get coffee or hang out or show me why you like Montreal so much, please let me know! :smiley:

Oh, how could I turn this down? I was planning on making it up there for the Hitchcock exhibit, anyway, so this might work out. However, I need a definate date to take off work. Here are my options:
A.) I was planning on seeing the exhibit with friends, anyway. So if that happens, I’d only be stopping by for a little while, because while I think one friend is acceptable at a Dopefest, more then one might be a problem.
B.) If I end up going to Montreal with aforementioned friends, we’d be getting a hotel room
C.) If I ditch my friends, and drive to Montreal alone, I might need a place to crash.
D.) There is a slim possibility I might be bringing one male companion with me, but those odds aren’t even wagerable at this point.

It would help if there were definate “we’re meeting here and doing this” plans, so I could say ye or nay. But I’ll try and make it.

At any rate, andy, you know that if I do show up, you can add one more log to the flaming fire.

Swiddles, in an emergency I could put both you and Andygirl up.

[sub]Feb. 23 is my birthday :)[/sub]
tell us where and when…

Either the weekend of the 17th or the following one, there is a slim chance of me being able to make it, though frankly, I’m looking forward to going home. Post a definite time/place, and I’ll do what I can, but y’all gotta understand, family comes first :slight_smile: Although I could go visit my friend in NDG, and swing by… though that might include being with a lot of non-Dopers when I show up.

We’ll see.

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Hey! It’s taken a year, but I’m creeping up on 150!!
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This is going to be soooooo neat.

I’m there, or rather here, as it were.


So, who’s taking the responsibility of determining where and when?

(Keeping the weekend of the 23rd free)

I can try to convince New & Improved Scott to come along, but… not sure.

I will be in Montreal my own self. I’ll be there the night of 15th, and again on the night of the 20th.

So, any suggestions on where and when yet?

I lived there up until '95, and I’m not that far (Ottawa) and I’d certainly be willing to make the trip.

Matt: How about somewhere on Bishop to start out with? I’m pretty sure Grumpy’s is still around. Yes, it’s pretty quiet, but as a meeting place it’s easy to find for folks not familiar with the city.

Whaddaya think?

Never been there, but it sounds OK.

How’s Friday evening for folks? andygirl, when are you getting in?

Or maybe we could go to a gay bar, if you like. There are a few nice ones in the village, like the Drugstore.

Don’t know yet… I’ll email you soon when I figure things out.