Montreal and /or Ottawa Dope Fests September 2017th?

Bonjour et Hello…

I shall be in Montreal from September 12th to the 15th likely travelling to Ottawa on September 16th then there until Tuesday September 19th. Who is up for meeting in either or those cities… I will be more busy in Montreal especially the 13 and 14th, but my time in Ottawa is pretty much tourist time.

(I am the mom that convinces her son to go to Montreal by dangling a “We can go to Ottawa and see Parliament open” carrot in front of him. Really.

So who is in to meet up? I haven’t been to Ottawa since I was in grade 4 so I will rely on a person more local to suggest venues/activities etc/

I will also link to this in the Canadope Cafe thread.

I would be up for a DopeFest in Ottawa.

I’m in. :slight_smile:


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I don’t live in the Montreal area but I will be traveling nearby that week. So it’s a possibility.

Since I live in the NCR now, good chance I can attend :slight_smile:

I’m definitely in for Ottawa. I suggest either the Byward Market or a pub on Elgin Street.
I prefer the market.

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ByWard Market looks great. Sunday? Leaffan can you figure out logistics seeing as I don’t know the city at all. (However my 13 year old son is already memorizing maps, etc. so I am sure that an electronic or human GPS will be at my disposal)

Logistics? Sure. I’ll think of someplace and make reservations in the name of “Cecil” as we get closer and the numbers solidify.

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There’s always The Laff!

I don’t know if you’re joking or not, given the somewhat old-time tavern atmosphere of the place, but I would have no problem with that at all!
In other words, I’m certainly not beneath the Laff!

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I like The Laff but I don’t know if they take reservations. I’ve generally ended up there on a Friday post-work pub crawl. There’s the Dubliner or the Heart and Crown plus a couple more!

And we can hit them all!

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The Highlander too, where men wear kilts!

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I love pubs, and even relatively divey ones. It sounds great but I will most likely have my 13 year old along. Can he get in? (If not, we just find him somewhere with wifi and a craft root bear and he will be fine)

I can represent Montreal as usual :stuck_out_tongue:

Great! I can’t wait to see you!

We once took the Cub to the Irish pub complex in the Market in the afternoon without any problem. It may be that admission rules change after 8 pm or something.

I’m in Montreal and I can go on a day trip to Ottawa without a problem. :slight_smile: I’ll need to see if the date(s) suggested work for me.

Yeah, it shouldn’t be an issue, as all pubs in Ontario are required to serve food, and therefore are defacto restaurants.

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