Ottawa Dopefest May 11?

Well as it’s been discussed in the Canadope thread. There will be a dopefest for the Tulip Festival in Ottawa.

I think it should have it’s own thread, easier to follow what is being suggested and who is coming.

I just threw May 11 as a possibility, but of course open for suggestions.

People from Ottawa will have to decide of the pub/restaurant as I don’t really know the area.

And again I’m offering my services, for a lift, for anybody else from Montreal who wants to go.

Looking forward to seeing new faces.

Dang - I have a performance that night.

I’m in ‘Dialogues des Carmélites’ with COC until May 26th; I’m not permitted to leave Toronto until then.

I’m definitely in Jools. The festival is from the 3rd to the 20th I believe. Lets make a call for the 11th, but as it get closer, if it looks like horrendous weather is being called for that day, we have the following Saturday as a contingency.

I’d be interested in going, but I have yet to decide whether it’ll be a good date for me.

I’d like to pay a visit, but if all goes well, I’ll be in French immersion in Quebec City. Don’t know whether that’s going to happen yet.

I just suggested May 11, but I’m open to other and as Leaffan said it depends on the weather. I already froze once, I’d like to stay dry and warm this time around:D

Sunspace, if you want a ride and extend your French immersion, I’ll be more than happy to speak french with you :slight_smile:

Let’s choose a date when the most people will be able to attend, it would be cool!

I think that date or another time that weekend could work for me.

I couldn’t make the last one, but might be able to go to this one.

It would be great Bookkepper if you could make it, the more the merrier!!!

At about what time would the gathering take place?

Sorry for the slow response. I finally figured out what my calendar looks like through the spring.

To figure out the other possibilities here are my thoughts on the weekends in May:
[li]May 4th - 1st weekend of the tulip fest. However, it is predicted to be a cool late spring, so tulips may actually be in short supply. But on the other hand we could also catch the end of Northern Scene. On a personal note, I am fully booked for the Saturday, but am free on the Sunday.[/li][li]May 11th - 2nd weekend of the tulip Fest - traditionally when Tulips are at their peak (although they do a great job of planting both early & late blooming flowers to make it last 3 weeks) That weekend seems to work for me. [/li][li]May 18th - Long weekend. May be good for out of towners. Unfortunately I have other commitments for the whole weekend.[/li][li]May 25th - After the tulip fest, but likely still tulips around as the spring is predicted to be cool & late. Memorial day weekend if any USA-Dopers want to join us. Works for me.[/li][li]June - Tulips will be gone, but Ottawa will still be here. I am tentatively busy the first weekend of June. Second weekend is Westfest.[/li][/ul]

So what time do you WANT the fest to be at? If we are Tulip-ing, we should meet at the tulips during the day and then perhaps wander up Preston to find a pub for beer/food.

“Hey, there’s a tulip!”

“Good. Let’s go drink!”


After finding frost on the car this morning it is hard to imagine the Tulip Fest is just around the corner … but it is. The crocuses (croci?) are already up, so the tulips will soon be following.

I am still free on the 11th. Is that still good for most folks or is another date preferable? Sounds like **Le Ministre **is unavailable for all of May, so I don’t think we can accomodate, but for the rest … ?

Yep I’m still good. And I’m still willing to bring other Montrealers!

Looking good so far for me.

I STILL haven’t heard whether I’m going to the French immersion program in Quebec; I’m still on the wait list. So I can’t say whether I’d be able to be there, because I don’t know where I will be.

Well Sunspace just let us know, you don’t have to confirm your presence too much in advance :wink: and if you are in Quebec we’ll find a way… think about two hours stuck in a car with a Frenchie HA HA HA HA

I’m good for it as well - especially since we FINALLY seem to have spring somewhere on the horizon.

I don’t know if people are still planning on this, but I’d just like to bump this thread to say I can’t make it. But I’ll keep myself informed if we plan another DopeFest in the future - I would still like to go to one. :slight_smile:

Yep. Still up for it, but turns out my kids will be with me that evening, so I’ll need to make it home at some point.

Unfortunately no public transportation to my neck of the woods, so Jools will have to be the designated drinker!