Ottadope - BeaverTails, ESD Poutine, Winterlude?

Well in this thread, Ottadope was brought up and seconded, and thirded, etc…

Let’s hear suggestions for dates, and general interests for activities. If we plan quickly, maybe Wintterlude isn’t out of the question :slight_smile:

Let’s brainstorm…:stuck_out_tongue: :cool: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm we’re Candians, so ESD first. (Post a menu if possible so outta town dopers know the prices) Then head off to the canal? Maybe skate down to Dows Lake for a beavertail?

I’m in Ottawa but I’ve got alot of debating workshops and tournaments upcomming so I can try to squeeze it in

Skating? It’s cold out. I think we should do something that’s warm, and involves eating.

I’m away in MN from the 8th to the 17th :frowning:

But I put forward doing dinner one evening when lno is visiting Ottawa, between Feb 28 and Mar 9!


Errr… yeah. Cuz we’re in SUCH a happenin’ town.

What say you kids about coffee on Friday, this week, before I leave, eh? Anyone close to the downtown core? eh eh eh?

Coffee on Friday? At Timmy’s?

I might be in for a day on the week of the 20th, if anyone’s up for a mini-dopefest, maybe some skating, lunch, poutine?

I’m really really really shy. That said, someone name a date and I’ll force myself to be there :). I’ve missed too many Montreal dopefests, and bygum I won’t miss one in my backyard.

Also skating? My skating skills rival my ability to fly by flapping my arms. I’m in for anything before/after skating though.

It’s doable. It could be a prelude for Sugardope

This sounds like a good idea. I’m pretty much free from Feb 14-Feb 23. Might be nice to go to skating, then go to some place for supper, but I’m not sure what usually goes on at DopeFests so I have no real idea. :slight_smile:

Yes, this is sad … what does ESD stand for? Or maybe my mind’s just turned off.

Elgin Street Diner… where for $6.99 you can die of heart failure after trying any one of a number of fantastic poutines…

The milkshakes are good, too.

Hmm. We’re (well, I’m) thinking of going to Ottawa at the end of February, maybe, to visit friends. I wonder if I can talk Mr. Lissar into it?

We were just there for our honeymoon, though, and we are going back for college grad in April… hmmm…

No no no no no! Sometime from Feb 28 to Mar 9!

Or I’ll never come back again!

Well, maybe that’s what you want …

Feb 24-28 is my reading week.

Which means I have school the 23rd, and again March 4th. It would be ideal for me to have it sometime then.

I was planning on coming to Ottawa for a visit some point then anyway… Woo!

How about Feb 29th? Anyone free that day? Fine then… How about March 1?

Works for me

Oi, if it was on the 29th, then Potter would be able to come! Yee!

of course, if things are still awful and he can’t come to Canada at all, then I’ll be in no mood to attend. No no no. Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts, dammit. touch wood

sign me up too

change “sign” to “feel” and… oh ummm… oops… nevermind…

heh :slight_smile: sorry… great now who’ll want me there…

anyway… March 1st is a Saturday so I was thinking of a couple of ideas:

BeaverTails… cause we GOTTA…
Museum of Civ if people haven’t been…
TopKarting perhaps since it is a tonne of fun, though about $20
A skate on the canal if enough would like to
Dinner and drinks split between Elgin and Market?

Any other ideas, or vetos are welcome :slight_smile:

March 1 is good - I’ve already moved all my piano students to Sunday that day so lno can chill out a little.

I’m afraid my place is already gonna be packed though - not sure if I can house any dopers! fret!

It’s tiny… and I teach the following day, all day! But the montrealers could just come down for the day if we do a minidope… so that’s good!

Get organised! Lemme know!

I have a midterm on March 1 from 9-approx 12, so I’m free after that, and would love go to out.