Monumental: Heard anything about this film?

A friend of my mother’s is going crazy about it and wants everyone she knows to demand it come to a local theatre. It’s Kirk Cameron on a quest to find…what? The “real treasure of America?” The trailer tells me nothing.

Your post is the first I’ve heard of this movie. Based solely on the fact that it stars Kirk Cameron, I’m going to guess that it’s cheap, poorly acted, melodramatic, Christian propaganda.

Looking at the wikipedia entry, its basically just a pro-religious documentary. No acting, poor or otherwise.

For those dying of suspense, the titular treasure is apparently “faith” in God.

Out of curiosity, is there a word for the weird Christian/Founding Father syncretism that seems to be the basis of stuff like this movie? Seems like its widespread enough that someone must’ve given it a name.

Looks like a post has been “disappeared” from this thread, from a poster who apparently only registered to sing the praises of this movie. I was thinking “shill” but I wasn’t sure…