Moon Hoax

The moon hoax-hoax is a favorite topic of mine. Its a great example of how bad science can stir up controversy. I read somewhere that a pretty large percentage of the population thinks the Apollo landings were faked. A one-sided Fox network report a few years ago probably contributed to this.

All of the pro-hoax theories have been shot down by some very simple explainations. For instance, the pro-hoax crowd contends that you should be able to see stars in the background of the photos, or that shaded areas should be completely black because the sun is the only source of light. These can easily be explained by the reflective light of the moon itself.

My question is, have the pro-hoax people ever put forth a response to these de-bunkings?

All I can ascertain is that they just keep repeating same bogus crap.

I’d love to hear an informed rebuttal.

Rebuttles range from “Yeah, that’s what NASA wants you to think” and “Nuh uh, my uncle’s friend’s neighbor is a scientist and he says you’re wrong” or just repeating the same argument as if you said nothing. It’s like arguing with a parrot. At least when debating religion, creationists have the Bible, but moon hoaxers…they have nothing.

The great thing about secret conspiracies is this: if you find some evidence then that shows there is a secret conspiracy. If you find no evidence, then that’s exactly what you’d expect from what is, after all, a secret. Can’t argue with that.

Well, I can’t offer a rebuttal, but my most favourite anti-hoax argument is that, the entire world was watching the moon landing, and if it was faked, wouldn’t the Soviets notice something amiss and raise a fuss?

If I’m reading the OP correctly, he’s looking for an informed rebuttal of the debunking. Which is a contradiction in terms, in my opinion. Ignorant rebuttals, that I can do.

E.g. The radiation in the Van Allen belts is lethally intense, and would require several inches of lead to shield against. Since the alleged astronauts were only protected by a few mm of aluminium, they would have all been killed. So there.

They have the Moon :dubious:

I teach at a UK school.
Recently in the staffroom, a colleague mentioned the Moon hoax. :smack:
We all leapt upon him, pointing out the rebuttals of the unscientific claims. I even gave him the BadAstronomers site address.

After a short pause, he revealed he knew the Fox program was rubbish and had just made a slip of the tongue. :o

My favorite ‘reply’ to that is that the Soviets were in on the hoax. For some unimaginable reason they let the USA get away with faking the biggest politcal PR coup in the 20th century. When I point out this would never happen during the cold war they imply that the whole cold war was a hoax.

Yeah, right.

Clearly you’re not on the inside … the whole Berlin Wall was a fake and is currently stored at Area 51.

Have you ever been to the Bad Astronomy site? That’s a reputable source. Details about the moon hoax here. Phil Plait is a professional astronomer with an excellent reputation.

Boy, are you out of the loop. The Soviet Union was a fake and is stored at Area 51. Complete with all the Russians!

In Soviet Russia, moon hoax debunks you!

If I actually heard that, I think my head would explode.

Isn’t there a common “flat-Earther” rebuttal, along the lines that the Moonshots were part of a Govt. Conspiracy to keep people ignorant of the Earth’s planar qualities? “Well, in those purported pictures on the Moon, you can see the Earth looks like a globe. Obviously, they’re fake, because everyone should know the Earth is really flat.”

snort! Well played.

The rebuttal of the “Why didn’t the Soviets reveal the hoax?” rebuttal is that, of course, the Soviet Moon program was also a sham. For them to reveal that the Americans faked it means that they’d have to admit that they also planned to hoax their own moon landings.

(For those keeping score, that adds, what, ten thousand Russkies? to the number of people who have to keep mum to keep the hoax a secret. And, of course, after the fall of the Soviet Union, they would have continued to keep quiet about it because . . . um . . . because . . . cricketskis)

I know he isn’t around here any more, but The Bad Astronomer deserves kudos for a sparklingly sharp appearance on Penn & Teller’s Bullshit, whose most recent episode mocks conspiracy theorists, including moon-hoax proponents.

I hate to break it to you, but the so-called “Area 51” is actually a hoax. The whole shebang is stored in Location 52.

Don’t tell a soul.

Its amazing how far conspiracy theorists will go. My favorite is that NASA killed off the Apollo 1 astronauts so they wouldn’t spill the beans. And then there were other “mysterious” deaths of astronauts in training.

Of course the moon hoax is a real hoax. You just have to find the right one.

Trust me, I’ve heard it. It usually comes from the mouths of the trying to be trendishly paranoid. You know the type, all paranoided up and no one to fear. They love the whole conspiracy bit becuase it gives them a wrm fuzzy thinking they know more that the sheeple. Then when the details come to play and they start getting their butts kicked they start playing massive non-trump cards implying that everything you know is wrong. This merely digs them deeper in the hole they have made for themselves.