Moon rock given to Holland is fake

How does this happen?

(I’m thinking someone did a swap when no one was looking.)

That’s one small rock for me, one giant leap for mankind.


That’s going to make fake moon landers very happy.

That’s sad. It makes me wonder if those moon rocks I bought off a guy in a Wal-Mart parking lot for $100 are real. I am pretty sure they are because he said Neil Armstrong was his brother in law and he needed the money for some kind of surgery.

All the publicly accessible Moon rocks are fake - NASA knows better than to let any real Moon rocks out where werewolves might get their claws on them.

Wikipedia has a few details on this 2009 story: Netherlands lunar sample displays - Wikipedia

Thank Og no one’s ever sold fake Berlin Wall rocks. My whole back yard fence is made of them – and no one has escaped over it!

That occurred to me as well. I wonder if there are pictures of the rock when it was first received.

…they’ll leave no stone un-turned?


That article was from 2009. It took somebody that long to notice?

And the rock was actually petrified wood? How could they NOT notice that? A piece of petrified wood would be immediately recognizable as such, by anyone who has ever seen a rock and a tree.

Now they’ll never know what kind of cheese there is there!

The photos in the wiki article are far different than the photos in the article in the OP.

The wiki article says there are four rocks, all about the size of a grain of rice. The rock in the photo of the first article looks much bigger.