Moon roofs and desert conditions

I’m pondering buying a new car soon, and one of the options is a large moon roof. I see how something like that could be nice in a more temperate climate, but I live pretty much in desert conditions. So a few questions:

Does the glass, even though heavily tinted, increase the heat in the car during a hot sunny day? Am I going to need a hat inside (totally bald) just to keep the rays from baking my scalp? Just how strong are those things anyway? It has a roof rack. Be a shame not to be able to use it because there is a moon roof under it.

I’ve never owned a car with so much as a sun roof, and neither have any of my meat-space friends, so this is totally beyond my ken.

A little help?

It will have some sort of sliding cover/shield on the inside - some are opaque, some are more translucent and always let a certain amount of light in (I live in TX, and would be OK with the former but not the latter).

Every glass moon/sun-roof and panorama roof I’ve ever seen/owned has a sun shade that you can pull closed (manually or electronically) to shield yourself from the sun.

Also, you may not want it open during the day but you might like having it open to enjoy the night air.

The roof rack is for elevating cargo above the roof of the car. The sun roof should not be an impediment to carrying thing on the roof rack.

Depends on the material, but I would hope no UV rays would get through. As to the roof rack, you certainly don’t want anything that sags down between the bars and rests even a little bit on the roof, unless it’s built for it. I didn’t have a moon roof but a had a rack with rubberized lines of pads running along the roof, so clearly there was some expectation that it might need to bear some load. However I never used it, so I never needed to research how much.