Moonies Question

Are Moonies (i.e. adherants of Rev. Moon) still around? I haven’t heard much about them for a long time.
Are they going to make any more grade z movies like Inchon?

If they’ve dropped out of sight completely, who (or what) is taking their place?

One of my very best friends died recently (in February). His wife is Japanese and is also a member of that religion. So there’s at least one follower still around.

Maybe they were removed from the airports, so you don’t see them. I noticed that the richest heir on that TV show was Moon’s daughter at almost 1 billion dollars.

I noticed that in the late ninties through present that a number of cults were changing their names to inocuous names so they could have a fresh start in seedy internet and phone scams.

My parents have close friends whose daughter ran away with the Moonies. They didn’t have any contact with her for years and years…then her husband fell away from the group and she raised their kids alone. She is now in contact with the parents again, but still very much a Moonie. But she also has accomplished quite a bit in her life, despite being part of this cult. I believe she has a book in the Library of Congress. Go figure.

I don’t think Moonies did the airport circuit. Wasn’t that Hari Krishnas?

They also control most of the sushi in the US. They own the Washington Times as well.

Yes it is. I wonder if they still get to hang out at airports after security thightened up.

A bunch live down in Bayou La Batre, Alabama, believe it or not, and run/own some shrimping and real estate concerns. I rented a house from one of them for a while, nice enough people. They were native New Yorkers and used to make me big casseroles of deep dish lasagna. Good times. Here’s a link.

Their college student branch is still around. This was used mainly to get unsuspecting newcomers to one of their meetings, since nobody would have gone if they said “Moonies” or “Unification Church”.

I haven’t seen one in decades. Heh…it would be nice if they were the only problem we have in airports these days. I’d welcome them with open arms!