Moonlight Bay

OK, this is driving me nuts. Who did the version of Moonlight Bay with the “answer” lyrics, (in parentheses).:

We were sailing along
(sailing along)
On Moonlight Bay
(not the river but the bay)

etc., etc. I can’t find this version anywhere on Youtube, etc. Any thoughts?

Doris Day and Gordon McRae in the 1951 film of the same name?

You can find just about every song from the movie on YouTube EXCEPT that one.

The version in the movie isn’t like that, just McRae making comments. The credits version does have a little bit of a similar vibe, but not those lyrics.

There is also a version by Bing and Gary Crosby that does that, but again, not those lyrics.

It seems to me that Mike and Gloria sang this version on All In The Family. And my college girlfriend used to sing it like that too. It’s puzzling I can’t find it anywhere (without watching every AITF episode).

Not sure of the cartoon, but Porky unsuccessfully tryies to kick a bunch of drunk singing cats out of his kitchen, and then joins them for a round of Moonlight Bay, with one cat adding content.

Found it: It’s at 3:55, not the end like I thought.

Our trouble seems to be that we were about a half-century late in our search.

Porky Pig was the first singer to come to my mind!

OK, my mistake! It wasn’t Moonlight Bay, it was Down By The Old Mill Stream. Fast forward to about 1’18":

It seems the older I get, the more I conflate different memories from days of yore. Thanks for trying to help, everyone.

Morecambe And Wise sang Moonlight Bay with the Kaye Sisters and Bongo (aka The Beatles). Eric Morecambe sang some sort of answer but not like the OP’s version.

There were cartoons with lyrics to a song and “follow the bouncing ball” for songs like Shine on Harvest Moon. Was there ever one like that for Moonlight Bay?

That would have been a Harveytoon, and no, I don’t recall one.

Jeez, I miss Harveytoons! I haven’t been able to find a lot of them on YouTuibe, which is sad. I got most of my early musical education watching them.