Moonset over Phoenix, 8/24

Now that I can drive again (yea!), I’m back to my quest of taking the ultimate Moon photo.
Here’s my attempt from Yesterday:

I think I’m going to give up doing this in the Summer - there’s simply too much heat distortion.

That is quite lovely! What time did you take it?

Apparently I’m *never *looking outside when the moon looks like that.

That photo was shot at around 5:50 AM.
Full disclosure: I didn’t just pop outside and take a snapshot - I’ve been planning that photo for months. I’ve taken similar photos over the last two years, maybe 2/3 per year. Each one takes combing though ephemeris data to determine when the Moon will be in the right position, and at just the right time - it must set just before sunrise, or it gets washed out.
I’m going to keep trying - I seem to get better results each time.


Hmmm…better keep an eye out for any unusually large, aggressive bats or wolves for awhile. :smiley:

I always knew the man in the moon was secretly gay.