I am really liking Golden Earring’s Moontan cd. My favorites are Big Tree, Blue Sea and Are You Receiving Me. Do any of their other recordings sound like Moontan or was it a one time sound? Which are your favorite discs by Golden Earring? Any ‘sounds like Golden Earring’ bands you can recommend?

That depends on what you mean by sounds like. Golden Earring have always changed their sound album to album so you’re not going to find anything just like Moontan. However, you might want to find albums like Seven Tears, or the self titled album, also referred to as Wall of Dolls. The S/T album also has Big Tree, Blue Sea because that song was not on the European release of Moontan.

You really might want to try and find a CD set called, The Devil Made Us Do It, it has 40 songs or so over two CDs. There you can find a good collection of their work over the last 35+ years. You’ll probably have to look on eBay though as finding Golden Earring stuff in a store is really hard, the majority of my collection has come from my trips to Amsterdam and a few friends who have gone over to Europe.

I personally prefer the 80s and 90s music over the 70s stuff, and I can say I don’t like but a few of the 60s songs. Some of my favorite albums would be Grab it For a Second, Prisoner of the Night, Cut, N.E.W.S., The Hole, Bloody Buccaneers, and Paradise in Distress. You can find a list of all their albums at their website which also has some songs you can listen too. The site is mostly work safe, except for the naked woman neon sign on the first page.

I don’t know of any sound like Golden Earring bands because of the way they have changed over the years. I can tell you though that they are a hell of a live band, I’ve seen them twice in the last year. I will also get my fiancee in here as she loves Golden Earring too.

I have to give **Ed The Head ** all the credit for getting me into Golden Earring, they are now one of my all-time favorite bands! I don’t know if I ever would have discovered them. Of course, I already knew their songs ‘Radar Love’ and ‘Twilight Zone,’ but the rest of their stuff is so much better in my opinion.

One of the first albums we ever listened to was from the 60’s and my first impression was they sounded a bit like the Beatles (sorry Ed! :wink: ). So, if you like the Beatles, you will like their stuff from the 60’s. Although I do prefer their music from the 80’s and Ed has pretty much covered the best albums. I really like some of their live albums too - Naked Truth and Naked II are great compilation CDs. They are hard to find in the states though, fortunately, we’ve been to Europe a few times this past year and have been able to collect most of their albums.

I can’t think of any other bands that “sound like” Golden Earring, as their style has changed so much over the 35+ years they’ve been playing together.