Mopeds, motocycles, etc registrations/titles. This is for a gift

Ok, as if the title wasn’t confusing enough… lol.

It is my boyfriend and I’s 5 year anniversary and I have some money saved up for a gift for him. I don’t have much but I know he really wants a moped (a real one like the old kind, a motor on a bike) or some sort of motorcycle that’s plain and just to cruise around in. He wants it to drive to work so that he could save on gas.

Well I know nothing about any of this. I usually go with him when I buy things like this but this time, I want it to totally be a surprise!

These are the one’s it’s between:

and (if its still available)

I don’t know much about buying one of these things. Is it supposed to come with a registration and title. I think mopeds under 50 cc’s don’t need a title but may need a registration…? The first one is the one I’m leaning more toward and it’s a motorcycle. Will I need a title and registration? Is a 5 hp motor fast? He works less than 10 miles away so he wants something to get to work :slight_smile:

Are any of these street legal?

What kinds of questions should i ask?

I’d like to scratch the first one off the list, I found out it’s not street legal, BUT tomorrow I’m talking to the guy about this one:

It looks very much like what my bf wants and he said he’d answer all my questions (street legal, etc) when i called (i think i woke him up when i texted).

Any insight as to what to look for when buying something like this, that would be great :slight_smile:

The registration issues is one of those questions with 51 answers (counting the District of Columbia), but in my state anyways the sub-50cc mopeds don’t need registration or titles or anything and are legal generally anywhere a bicycle is, exepting no-motor vehicle trails and paths. Try sifting though your state’s motor vehicle department website (or you could try calling them).

I’m sure he’ll appreciate the sentiment, but it would really probably be better if he participated in this. I don’t think a 10 mile commute in the blazing Phoenix sun would be very practical on any of those bikes-- realistically commuting on a moped isn’t much more practical than commuting on a bicycle and so you should expect similar range and only vaguely faster speeds. 20 miles a day on a moped will wear you out! Also, a really cheap bike of any size is really only practical if one of you is at least somewhat mechanically-inclined-- it’s sort of like buying someone a puppy as a gift, since taking care of is likely a bigger deal than the initial purchase!

So I think you should probably have a talk with him about what he really wants-- maybe it would make more sense for you to go halfsies with him on a small standard bike that will be a more practical commuter than to buy a moped that will really just be a toy.

I can agree with this. When I bought my motorcycle last year, I bought it because my commute was so short and so I figured I’d be saving money over driving my car every day. Not so- there are a ton of niggling little expenses that you can’t anticipate. Registration, insurance, license, tires, helmet, jacket, gloves, goggles… the list goes on. I haven’t even come close to breaking even yet, and probably never will. And when you add in maintenance, it really starts to add up- considering motorcycle shops are nowhere near as common as car repair shops. I’ve got a front-end wobble on my bike right now, but it’s going to be at least a week before I can even get it to the shop, since I have do it on a day when both my wife and I have the time to drop it off.

Do your boyfriend a favor and give him a card telling him you’re going to buy him a motorcycle/scooter if he wants it, and get him involved in the process right from the start. I love riding my motorcycle, but they’re nowhere near as simple as they appear to be.

#2 will move you at 20-35 mph depending on your weight and the current tune-up status. I don’t like anything with a motor that can’t keep up with traffic. The rider tends to drift to the extreme right and stay there and people will pass you in your lane, very dangerous.

Thanks for the advice. Those two were the two he picked out. He specifically said he doesn’t want a REAL motorcycle. I would want one if i was him lol but he even said he would take a dinky bike with a motor on it. I’m not sure why LOL!

I pointed out the one in my second post today and he said that’s what he wanted. shrug
Anywho, Lanzy, I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about!

He’s also a mechanical engineer and very good with fixing things. :slight_smile:

I’ll try to talk to him more without totally giving it away.

mopeds can be parked in bicycle areas or where motor vehicle parking isn’t allowed.

From what I have observed in Orlando, ALL motorcycles can be parked anywhere you please. jus sayin

Okay, I did it, I got him one. Fingers Crossed he likes it.

Well, he loved it. It was exactly what he wanted. He didn’t quite like the helmet i got but i bought the most expensive one and got a gift receipt so when he returned it he could get anything he wanted.

Of course he didn’t get me anything. 5th year in a row. He also did some not so great things tonight/this morning and now our wonderful 5 year anniversary has left me crying in bed wondering why I wasted 5 years of my life with an ungrateful, cold-hearted, jerk

Thanks all who replied and helped. It’s time for me to go pack.

Cripes beyondimagination07 I didn’t expect it to end like this!